Sexy Can I??

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Shanon singing “Sexy Can I” for Ray J


5. Kidd playing Butterfly Kisses for Finger Eleven – just kill me now

4. Al whining about being dumped by Bartendica … in front of Finger Eleven

3. J-Si’s drug references while talking about a high school prom

2. It was mutual Man Love – Martin from Boys Like Girls

1. Al admitting his first true love was Andi … not his wife

Kidd started off with the Monday Blahs and Kellie started off with Monday’s are great – OMG – it’s Bizarro World!! I was worried about the world coming to an end, but Kidd sufficiently beat Kellie down about being too positive – and the natural order of the world was restored

“Things You Might Hear On Today’s Show”

Kellie – Kellie’s parents are staying another day

Al – Being single sucks

J-Si – A girl pinched J-Si’s butt at prom and he feels violated

Shanon – Giving J-Si the worst boyfriend in the world award


Kidd – Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are dating

JSi – Paris and Benji involved in a hit and run with the paparazzi

Kellie – Miley Cyrus’ pictures are real and she’s sorry

Al – The next Oscar winning movie … Soul Train, The Movie – I think Tiger333 said it best “A Soul Train movie? Oh, God no!”

We’re on in Vegas – you know what that means – ROAD TRIP!!!!!

Martin from Boys Like Girls called in because Kidd was at the show (Kidd took Freddy to the Avril Lavigne/Boys Like Girls concert) – was I the only one ooged out when Martin said he shared a moment with Kidd after spotting him in the crowd – he described it as Mutual Man Love – um TMI, Martin – T-M-I!!!!

So J-Si went to New Orleans to this weekend to take cute, hard-working, overachieving Erika to prom – according to J-Si they had a pretty good time – even if he was interrogated by her family and was sexually harassed by fast high school girls – as J-Si was dancing with Erika, he was being freak danced by one girl and someone grabbed his butt – ewwww. I think of J-Si like a brother, so the fact that some little girl is grabbing his skinny boo-tay – well, that’s just weird! So we’re trying to get some prom details and then SCREEEEECH – what’s that I hear?? The show coming to a complete halt?? I hate to be all nitpicky (well, not really), but nothing is worse than a bad caller – and since i spent 5 years putting callers on the show, I should know – poor Erika – I know that she’s a really nice girl and it’s nothing personal – and I understand that it can be nerve-racking being on the radio – but when we give you an awesome hook up for the prom and send J-Si to go with you, I’m gonna need you to give us more than one word answers!! Example – J-Si tells her she’s on the phone with her favorite band (Martin from Boys Like Girls) and the only thing she can say is “awesome”!! – just shoot me now! I’m still glad that she had a great prom though because she totally deserves it – I just wish she could have been a little more demonstrative!

I can honestly say that I’ve never heard Kellie’s voice as high as it was today when Ray J got here – I knew she liked his song, but I was not prepared for that!!! I was looking forward to having Ray J in studio – not because I’m a huge Ray J fan (though I do like his music), but mostly because I wanted to see Kellie hump his leg – but since he didn’t sing, I didn’t get to see that – there were a couple of entertaining things that came from this break, but few of them had to do with Ray J – there was some other entertaining content, but it came from the show, not from Ray J – like Kidd throwing J-Si under the bus because he’s not into Lil Wayne – or when Kidd tried to get Ray J to talk about dating Whitney Houston or running into Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian at Gucci – for those of you that don’t know – Reggie Bush is dating Kim Kardashian who used to date Ray-J – then there was Kellie asking Ray J why someone didn’t write a song about flat bottomed girls – and then the pinnacle of the interview – Shanon singing – it’s the price an artist pays if they don’t perform on our show – we sing their song for them – enter Psycho Shanon – Shanon was holding it down – singing all the words like she wrote the song!! Ray J even tried to get into it a little bit by throwing out some beatbox – and I think he was diggin’ on Shanon – too bad he didn’t know Shanon lives on the other sided of the street – the show tried to tell him – I just don’t think he believed them! And outside of Ray J announcing the name of his album and when it was dropping (4 different times), he didn’t being a lot to the show!

I like Freddy, but he tends to be a little long winded – as it turns out, Freddy didn’t go back to Philly – he came up with a brilliant idea that took him 15 minutes to announce – after reading a super nice email thanking the show and the listeners for helping get the word out about his music – Freddy announced that he got an offer from a major record label – but since he got screwed so badly the last time, he’d like to do things a little differently this time around – he wants to self record and work with Kidd, the show and the listeners to make the record – I’m thinking it would be a “Making the Band” kind of thing – we’d get to follow Freddy through the writing and recording process and get a behind the scenes look at how it all comes together – Freddy has already gotten the support of his parents and has arranged to finish the semester by email – so now all he has to do is convince Kidd – and Kellie … (insert Bit Killer drop here) – to be continued

Finger Eleven came in to perform “Paralyze” and “I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague” – I’m not sure what it was about their music but all I know is that one minute we’re listening to an interview with a rock group – and the next, Kidd is playing “Butterfly Kisses” and Al is crying about being dumped by Bartendica – can everyone leave their man card at the door please? I thought I could depend on J-Si for a little testosterone, but since KKITM could also be known as the Metro Man Show, I was out of luck – oh well, the performances were great and even though my boys are Metro Men, I love them anyway!

Need an example of when time out is NOT effective and you just need to hand out a good beat down? Kidd read a story about a 7 year old that stole his grandmother’s Dodge Durango and drove through the town knocking over mailboxes and running into stuff – he only stopped because one of the wheels broke off – then when they interviewed him, he showed no remorse – he had some story about his friend being in the car with him – really? Where’s your friend – cause he’s about to get the black beat off of him, just like you!

For those playing along at home






Matt Damon

Victoria Beckham

Hillary Clinton

Coming up tomorrow – all the stuff we didn’t get to today!


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  1. Thanks for the recap. I really wanted to hear what Freddy was up to but, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I guess it’s safe to saying he’s not majoring in public speaking!!!

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