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Happy Birthday Mrs. Mack!!!


“What’s more fun than a white boy with an afro?” – J Si referring to Freddy’s hair


“Tivo people need to suck it up” – Kellie saying too bad to people who “haven’t watched (insert Tivo’d show here) yet


There was a conversation about whether or not you’re still a step-mom if you divorce the father of your step-kids – Kidd asked the listeners watching the show to vote and then got mad when they weren’t voting – when Kidd asked why no one was voting – J Si said, “maybe they’re not registered” – good one J Si – WAY better than Brown Chicken Brown Cow!


Kidd gave out the email in case someone has a hook up on furniture for Freddy’s apartment – Kellie said she needs a new couch and if anyone has a couch for her, they can email her at

“Things You Might Hear On Today’s Show”

Kellie says that despite anything you’ve read about the show, the rumors are not true

Big Al wondered if he should go see Kanye West with someone who doesn’t know who Kanye West is

J Si almost drowned yesterday and it was his fault

Shanon is gearing up for a huge weekend with J Si and Kinsey

Kidd is hoping Al’s Kenny Chesney obsession is over

I had no idea that this would turn into the A.D.D. Break of the Day – random things heard during this break:

Kenny Chesney is 5’6”

Kidd thinks that Al and J Si are both really dumb blondes

Kellie thinks Tivo people need to suck it up

With all due respect = you’re an idiot

It’s Save The Rhino Day

It’s National Honesty Day – except I think it was actually yesterday

It’s School Principal Day

Hizzle –

Ashlee Simpson is getting another reality show

J Lo’s reality show is really a commercial for her new perfume

Jamie Lynn Spears is having a girl

Richie Sambora is the new Rock of Love guy

My husband (Kelley) is going to be so sad – he loves Natasha Bedingfield and we get to talk to her all the time – she has such a great voice and she is so nice – and because she’s now a friend of the show, it’s not awkward when the show pressures her into picking a favorite person on the show – and poor Al – he was dissed by Natasha multiple times during the interview – she mocked him when talking about him staring into her eyes during her performance in the Bahamas, she made fun of him when he stuttered “you still dating that g-g-g-dude?” and then totally blew him off when he asked her for her number – plus she picked her Kidd as her favorite just because he can play the piano

Should He Stay or Should He Go?? Before we get to the actual voting results – what does the show think – well, you would think that everyone would vote yes – and everyone did – except Shanon – but because Shanon likes to walk to the beat of her own drum (no, that is not ‘code’ for something else!) and because she knows that the Freddy thing will create a ton of more work for her, she voted no – and even though Kellie had already voted yes, she was tempted to change her vote to ‘no’ due to Shanon – Kellie is the super delegate of the show – she was on the fence, but since her vote wouldn’t change the outcome, it wasn’t a big deal – so on the show, Freddy won out 4-1

And finally, after almost 2 weeks of Freddy and 2 days of voting – the verdict is in … FREDDY STAYS!!!

94% of the listeners voted for Freddy to stay – and even though Freddy is staying, he pretty much has nothing – we’ve had a few listeners offer Freddy a place to stay but that’s weird – I mean, Freddy’s a nice guy and all – but are you really going to let some stranger come stay at your house?? Anyway, the nice people over at the Canal Side Lofts heard about Freddy sleeping on people’s couches and offered him a free apartment – now, I lived in their sister property (The Grand Treviso) after winning the Kidd’s Krib contest – so I can tell you firsthand that those properties ROCK!!! Especially when you’re living there for F-R-E-E-!! anyway, even though he’s got a place to live, he doesn’t have anything to put in it, so if you can help Freddy – shoot us an email at – actually, if you can help Freddy with anything – we want to hear from you – like if you own a record company and want to record his album for us for free – or if you’re a graphic artist and you’d like to design Freddy’s album cover for free – or if you own a t-shirt company and want to print us some t-shirts for free – or if you own a clothing store and want to donate his rockstar wardrobe – or if you’re a musician and you don’t mind working for free – well, you get the picture …

I know we’ve been teasing it all week – cause that’s what we do here at KKITM – but we finally announced last week’s winner of the chat room contest – it’s Maximus12105 – he’s a pretty consistent chatter and he was one of the first ones to join the room when we opened it last week – his IRL name is Brett and he goes to Virginia Tech – so I’m sure he appreciated the $100 – cause tuition is not cheap!!

For those playing along at home









Aw – I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy – one of my favorite Blast From The Past Bits is the Big Al Mack Attack – I love it because you never know what you’re going to get and like Emmie2443 said, “it doesn’t matter if it’s a success or failure, it’s always funny” – so I asked the Chat Room their predictions before the bit and this is what I got

From Specialist Kelly – a comedic flop, from Iorange55 – it will be so stupid its funny and from Abbeym32 – I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt but there is always the possibility of failure and with al it’s high – am I sensing a common thread???

And so begins the Adventures of Iron Man – Iron Man arrived at a national chain burger place along with his trusty sidekick Iron Board Boy – I’m not sure what Iron Board Boy’s purpose was – but I don’t know what Robin did for Batman either! Anyway, Iron Man, Holder of the Iron, Spinner of the Steam arrived on the scene to save the world from wrinkles one shirt at a time and the hilarity ensued – there are no words – all I can tell you is a Spanish speaking man named Eduardo, an extremely hot iron, a $70 shirt and Kidd screaming Aaaaaaalllllllllllllll – did I mention that I think J Si saved the bit by translating? To get the full effect, you’ll have to listen to it on the KPod – but it was a pretty good one – I think Allegedly me said it best “hilarious but litigious – expect to be hearing from Eduardo’s lawyer later today” – I hope Al has more than $100

Showbiz Top 5

#5 – A second nanny coming out against Rob Lowe’s wife

#4 – Jamie Lynn Spears is having a girl

#3 – Jessica Simpson thanking Tony Romo for reigniting her career

#2 – Mariah and Nick Cannon confirms engagement – gave Selita the same ring

#1 – Bobbi Christina Brown tried to stab Whitney Houston and kill herself

Sometime’s Al just doesn’t know when to say when– he sets himself up for this stuff – since Al is now Bartendica-less, he wasn’t able to find anyone to go see Kanye West with him – so he asked Redneck Steve – the only problem is that Redneck Steve doesn’t know who Kanye is – um, does he live under a rock?? Anyway, Al wanted to know if it was weird for 2 guys to go to a concert together – um, only if one of them is wearing a sequined shirt that says “Gold” and the other is wearing one that says “Digger” – and if they’re opening a bar in Mexico called “2 Gay Guys In A Bucket” – be SURE to listen tomorrow – there HAS to be a story that goes along with this outing!!

We finished the show with a poem sent in from a mom for the Mother’s day contest – we’re giving a $500 JC Penney Gift Card to a mom whose husband is in Iraq – I can’t imagine – half the time, I’m counting the minutes until Kelley gets home from work – I can‘t imagine having to count months – or worse, not even knowing when he would be coming home – we’ll be taking entries the rest of the day, so check out the home page for more info – we’ll announce the winner tomorrow – and just so you know, I’m issuing the Mascara Alert now



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  1. on kidd kraddick this morning i heard you were taking things that happend to people and putting them into songs… well almost a year ago on may 12th my friend Candy Holstein died in a car accident… it was a really bad accident and she was killed… everyone loved her and she made everyone laugh. Its been really hard for alot of people especially her family. I think it would really mean alot to her family and to me. so theres my request and if you want to know more about her her myspace is… thanks, stephanie

  2. I love listening to Freddy on your show. Please play more of his music.

  3. I know the girl for freddy’s video. Her name is Molly Brown. You can see her at: She was going to nashville and trying to make her own record but they told her that she didn’t fit the bill because she wasn’t Miley Cyrus enough. But she is very pretty and would look get in his video maybe he can give her tip and encourage her she’s is a little down because she was skipped over for Blake Shelton.

  4. freddy’s song is on my page!!
    i love him!
    he is amazing.
    my birthday is comimg up….
    i would love to see him….
    so check out my myspace.

    ha and no im no thug, i just thought it was funny.

  5. Freddy’s song is on my myspace…Good Luck!!

  6. i was listening to kidd’s morning show and heard that freddy wrote songs that were inspired by other peoples stories about what has happened to them in their lives, but i think that i have the best story of all. all thoughout school, i was considered odd because i liked to talk alot and i was not the preppy type, i didnt drink, cuss, smoke, or go to parties like all of the other kids did. i attained my first boyfriend durring my freshman year, then when through fourteen more of them within the next two years, never found my true love, till one day durring my sophmor year i met a guy, who didn’t like to talk much, because he was shy, but very very cute i might add, and we started out as boyfriend and g-friend. no one liked to see two people who ment so little to society be so happy in love, and it seemed like the the world wanted to tear us apart, but nothing and no one in this world could do so. we have been together for over three years now and are to be married on august 30th, 2008. i am his first and last girlfriend. we are both christians. every time i look into his eyes i see the person that i whish i could be, and knoe that he is too good or me. i’ve had my heart broken once before and every time i talk about it he looks at me with those eyes so deep into mine as if to say”can’t you see that im not like him”. and he’s not. and when he caresses my cheek its like he’s saying ” wake up cinderella, now its your time to shine.” he listens when i speak, he does what i aks, and he son’t let me go anywhere without a kiss good by and hearing the words i love you. i never though that i would hear the words will you marry me, but on Christmas night, I did. he always tells me that i am the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen, and shuts me up if i try to deny it. Freddy, if you wright another love song, about real love, please call it “Wake up Cinderella”

  7. Hi,
    I listen almost every morning and have kept up with your “adventures”. I understand you need a place in LA; my son lives there in a duplex with a nice backyard to enjoy nature while working. He’s a great guy, wonderful, off-the-wall sense of humor and I’m certain you would feel comfortable there. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you his contact information.

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