it’s the weekend BABY!!!!!!

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J Si’s shout out to the leafblower who ALWAYS blows away the leaves at the most inopportune times-


“Let’s not get into an intelligent discussion, we can’t handle it” – Kellie in response to Kidd’s rant about gas prices


Kellie turning on that Southern charm with the Secondhand Serenade guy – I think he was flirting with her!!


Nanny Laura brought Emma Kelly up and she gave everyone dap (Emma Kelly, not Nanny Laura)- SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!


“Things You Might Hear On Today’s Show”

Kellie says the last Friday before Mother’s Day

J Si finally got to play Grand Theft Auto 4

Al knows 40 Spanish words

Shanon went to the mall instead of the sporting goods story

FLUSH THE FORMAT – I woke up late and I have to rush home to finish packing – my sister graduates from law school tonight!!  So I hope this Flush the Format ROCKS!!!!

Superstar -Lupe Fiasco

I Want You – Thalia

Shawty Get Loose – Lil Mama

Outrageous – Britney Spears

I Got It From My Mama – Will I Am

Who’s That Girl –

Pocket Full of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

Defying Gravity – Freddy

Shake It – Metro Station

Off the Record – My Morning Jacket

Mercy – Duffy

Candyman – Christina Aguilera

Love In This Club – Usher

It’s Getting Hot in Here – Nelly


Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz getting married

Rihanna and Chris Brown caught making out at KFC

Mariah Carey wants babies

Are Jeremy Piven and Pink dating?

New Movies out today

Speed Racer – Kelley (my husband) has been talking about this movie for months – and every time we hear something about it, he asks if I want to go see it – um, NO!!  I knew I was right – the reviews are horrendous!

What Happens In Vegas – Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz – not interested – I jumped off the Cameron Diaz bandwagon right after she jumped on Justin Timberlake – hooker!

Big Al’S Spanish Word Contest had potential to be really good – the problem is we let Al prepare – I mean to have a really good Big Al bit, doesn’t it need to fail?  Al picked 40 vocabulary words (which was obvious when he threw out the word ‘baby oil’) and had to know the definition – after about 5 words, it was obvious that he knew all of them – well that’s boring!  What would have been great is if we had picked 50 words and he didn’t know what they were!  Then we throw out random words and he has to figure out the definitions – now that has potential!


Freddy has been working on another song and in honor of mother’s day, he decided to write a song for mother’s day – so obviously, we get Freddy’s mom on the phone so that Freddy can tell her about the song and she can get all weepy – blah.blah.blah.  so Kidd dials her up and Freddy tells her about the song and plays it for her – and then she walks in!!!  Kidd surprised Freddy by flying his parents into town – how cool is that – now THAT I didn’t see coming – it was a really cool moment and Freddy cried – Freddy’s mom sounds just like him – plus she uses the word amazing a lot!!

I now love JordinSparks – I don’t do American Idol, so I can’t say that I know a ton about her – but they are putting her on vocal rest because she’s had some problems with her voice – so she’s coming in a day early so that she can sing on the show and then going on vocal rest the next day – how cool is that?  I love her now just for that!!  Jordin Sparks is coming in a day early so that she can sing for us –

For those playing along at home









We had Secondhand Serenade in studio – I know that sounds like an entire band 0 but it’s not 0 it’s just one guy named, John Vesely – he’s a cutie too – something I learned about him – he has a tattoo of a Gibson Black Beauty Guitar – I had no idea what this was and apparently neither did Kellie because she said “is that drugs??” – Kellie has never been more of a mom!!  I have to say that cute John was pretty good and the chat room thought so too – Laura19 said ,”I love when he gets that look where he’s so into it – very passionate” and Perla agreed, “that’s one of the main reasons I love him so much, he’s very passionate about his music”


#5 – Pink making out with Jeremy Piven at a club in L.A.

#4 – Britney has dropped 15 pounds in 4 weeks

#3 – Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz getting married next week

#2 – Mariah Carey is married and now wants a baby

#1 – Rihanna and Chris Brown caught kissing at a KFC in Miami

so the show is taking one of those fancy tour buses to San Antonio this weekend for Mixfest where Freddy is performing and Kidd has issued a challenge – everyone on the show has to write a song with Freddy and perform it on the show on Monday – I think Shanon is going to win – after all, she was awesome back when she did the Psycho Shanon Song of the Week – it was one of my favorite bits!

Al wore his new Two Gay Guys in a Bucket t-shirt today – it says “Just Do Me” with an upside Nike Swoosh – then he had the nerve to tell someone he needed to order them in girl sizes – who the hell would wear that??

Kidd noticed that Shanon has a tattoo on her wrist – the only thing is that she’s had it since NOVEMBER!!!   Al tried to clown Kidd for not noticing but Kidd quickly turned that back around by saying that Al told him that he thinks girl’s with tattoos are slutty – um, Bartendica has a tattoo – actually, I think she has 5 – J Si jumped on the bandwagon saying , “Al says he likes to date girls with tattoos because they’re easy” – then Shanon said is that why you’ve been walking around singing “Bartendica’s a HO!!!” – no wonder she dumped Al … this actually led into the latest saga of Al attempting to work it out with Bartendica … AGAIN -apparently they met for lunch and it turns out that Bartendica is mad at Al for a multitude of reasons – one of them being that he never took her on vacation with just the 2 of them like he did with his ex-girlfriend Justine – really?  REALLY???  Al dated Justine before I worked here – that was 5 years ago – and never mind the fact that Al has taken Bartendica to Mexico 4 times in the last year – and then Bartendica cried – I don’t really know her that well (or at all), but I know Al – and as hard as a time as I give him – I really do love him – it boggles my mind that women expect Al to be anything other than what he is – is it new news that Al has commitment issues?  Is it a shocker that Al does WAY better in group settings than one on one – and this isn’t Bartendica’s first rodeo with Al – they dated before!!  I hate to say it because i know that Al really loves her – but it’s time to walk away – trust me, it’s time.  The conversation ended with Bartendica and there’s no way any man can come back after that!!

We started to do the Evil Quiz – if you’re interested in it, you can find it on MySpace or just google “how evil are you??”  they were all pretty simple questions until we got to the would you give up your life to save 10,000 people – of course we had to discuss the ins and outs – is it 10,000 strangers?  Is my mom included?  Are they in a country I hate?  Kellie would, but only if it was 10,000 babies – and Shanon would but only because she’d be consumed with guilt and she doesn’t think anyone would miss her – then the question that led us to the dark side – the question was something about do you enjoy looking at disturbing or vulgar pictures – and then Kidd threw out he had seen “2 girls and a cup” – TRUST ME – SERIOUSLY – TRUST ME!!!  You do not want to see this – I haven’t seen it – I was only told about it – and it’s too vile to repeat – it’s grosser than the “Placenta Stroganoff, Placentos Cereal, Placentacicle” conversation from early this morning – it was all downhill from there – Kidd tried to turn it around with a question about fire and Kellie admitted that she used to enjoy watching the hair on her doll’s heads burn as a child – that combined with the fact that she and her brother would race to the knife drawer and threaten one another I think wins her the title as “Most Evil” – whatev, I still love her!!


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