Not yet – i’m still looking …..

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“Not yet … I’m still looking”  – only random because it was said by Big Al … in a sing song voice


“I may be the stupidest person I know” – Big Al – does it really matter why he said it?  As long as he said it and we saved it, I’m thinking no!


“That was so 1 hour ago” – Allegedlyme in response to Kidd bringing up Barack Obama’s “57 states” comment …AGAIN


“I got bit on my butt by a bug and it itches” – J Si – I’m not sure why he felt the need to share this info – but since I had to hear it, so did you!


Shanon went off on Kidd because he harassed her about not having the information about Trip A Day – she had the information but she got thrown off because she was supposed to say Cabo and but she said Cabu instead – she got confused and Kidd didn’t hear her say the right name – blah-blah-blah – Shanon yelled at Kidd – Kidd of course took this opportunity to be “The Boss” and challenged Shanon’s insubordination telling her she’d never last at a bank – well, duh.  would any of us??  Little known fact – I was fired from a bank before i came to work for KKITM!


Kidd’s impersonation of Hillary Clinton – I hope she wins the nomination for no other reason than the fact that Kidd will keep me entertained with his rendition of her voice

“Things You Might Hear On Today’s Show”

Kellie is a little pink tinged this morning from the San Antonio sun

J Si thinks Kinsey’s sister is trying to holla’ at her – except he meant to say Kinsey’s teacher

Kidd said “I talked to Caroline yesterday, he was so funny!!” – I don’t think J Si got that this was a slam at him

Al attempted to say something in Spanish – but because it was so bad, I have no idea what it was he was trying to say

Shanon got Colbie Caillat’s phone number and is trying to figure out what she’s going to say when she calls

Jenna Bush married Henry Hager this weekend – Kidd asked if he was now of the Haggar’s of Haggar pants and Al asked if he was one of the Sammy Hagar’s – look at Al being funny first thing in the morning!  Then he blew it with “someone who is listening to our show went to the Bush wedding – call now if …”who Al?  who in our listening audience was actually at the wedding?  And on the off chance that there was one person, do you really think they would call us and give all the details??  Doubtful.

The new fall schedules are out and the night time talk show host are getting a shakeup – Jimmy Fallon is expected to replace Conan O’Brien  because Conan is going to replace Jay Leno – and word is that Ryan Seacrest is getting some type of reality show – really Ryan?  Aren’t you busy enough with all the other crap you got going on?  Can’t you leave some stuff open for our very own Kidd Kraddick?  After all, he’s a pretty cool guy – he could do a tv show – greedy!  Besides, if Ryan had any sense, he’s throw Kidd a bone so Kidd could let go of his unnatural (and sometimes oogey) obsession with Ryan – have you heard Kidd’s song about Ryan Seacrest?  oogey to the nth degree!

I was expecting all kinds of fun and hijinks from the crew since they rode all the way to San Antonio together on a tour bus – I expected wild stories and pranks – but the best they could do was Shanon and Al spooning – Kellie slept the whole time and Kidd made sliders but no one ate them – I’m voting Slow Motion Laaaaammmme


Lindsay Lohan’s fighting with her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson engaged

Suge Knight caught a beat down outside an LA club

Mischa Barton’s rep says that the cellulite pictures have been doctored

Is it a surprise to anyone that Al was responsible for Gavin DeGraw being late getting on stage??  Al was in the VIP area with Gavin – he was so busy trying to secure his spot as Gavin’s BFF that he didn’t realize that the time on his watch was off … by 45 minutes – by the time they figured it out and started heading towards the stage, they were already introducing Gavin – too bad he was nowhere near the stage – classic Big Al – and as Kidd said, “It’s good to see you screwing up somebody else’s show for a change” 😉

It’s been a while since we talked to Kinsey – She’s been busy with school (she’s taking P.E. – Physical Activity and Biology – the study of plants) – but the semester is over and she finished with 2 As and a B – J Si is a little upset because Kinsey has made friends with one of her professors and J Si has a sneaking suspicion that her teacher has more than an educational interest in Kinsey – I don’t know – have you ever heard that gravity can be turned on and off by squeezing someone’s thigh … in their car??  That’s what Mr. Biology Teacher told Kinsey – and she believed him – J Si tends to be a little jealous, but this time I think he may have good reason

Random fact – 80% of community college students read at or below 8th grade level – I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be a shot at Kinsey since she’s attending community college – but luckily for Kinsey, I don’ t think she understood!

Simple Plan was live in studio – I have to admit, I’m really not that familiar with the majority of the musical guests we have in studio – I mean, I’ve heard their songs on the radio – but for the most part, that’s usually the extent of my familiarity with them – so I’m always glad when 1) they have something interesting to say and 2) they perform really well – and Simple Plan covered both of those – not only did they know who New Kids on the Block is, they could sing their songs and critiqued their new single (“They used to be tougher”) – they played along with “Guess The Pop Culture Laugh/Cough/Voice” and didn’t try to play it off like they were too cool for the room – then they played 2 songs that sounded awesome!  I love acoustic performances – the first one was their new single “Your Love Is A Lie” and then a classic “I’d Do Anything” – LOVED IT!!!!

And speaking of acoustic performances – Ferras in studio – this is a guy that Kidd featured on Music That Makes You Cooler – he’s got a cool story because his dad kidnapped him as a child and that’s where he fell in love with music – his new song is called “Hollywood’s Not America” and while it was a great song, we deemed it entirely too deep for us – we do better with songs that talk about kicking it in the club and getting loose – just ask J Si and Shanon!


#5 – Dancing With the Stars’ Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough are living together

#4 – Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were in Miami together over the weekend

#3 – Misha’s Barton cellulite pictures are fake

#2 – Suge night was knocked out cold at a club in LA

#1 – David Archuleta’s dad has been banned from backstage at American Idol

Big Al’s weekend rap up – is it me or is the Weekend Rap Up getting longer and longer??  Anyway, Al’s social life is getting becoming more and more dismal by the minute – he got dissed by a girl again – Al hit on the same chick all night, bought her dinner, then she gave her number to another guy and Al gave her $8 to pay for her ride home  – plus Al and his boyfriend, I mean Redneck Steve, are going to be spending time apart because they’re going to alternate weekends at their Two Gay Guys In A Bucket Bar down in Mexico – poor Al – he’ll be single forever …






Matt Lauer

Tyra Banks

Kevin Bacon



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  1. I’m sorry but this remix thing must have been kidd’s idea. Dianthe, I wish you would go back to your regular blog, this remix thing is just not good.

  2. I absolutely love the remix!!! I like your take and impressions of the show and we get to read about a few things that go on behind the scenes. Keep up the great work.

  3. LMAO!! “Two Gay Guys in a Bucket”…HARSH…but true. I love Dianthe!!

  4. I love the remix! I love the way Dianthe writes/blogs. I do miss her (other) almost daily blogs but I will take what I can get!

    I love the beind the scenes stuff as well!

  5. I love the remix too. I always get called away from my desk during the show; sometimes I don’t get back in time to hear the rest of a skit, or the showbiz top five or the hizzle. Thank you dianthe! You rock! The remix keeps me caught up.

  6. Dianthe I love the remix… You rock!!!

  7. No! I also do not like the remix……. I would much rather read your other blogs Dianthe!!!!

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