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i was in the bathroom and all of a sudden i hear Emma Kelly in the hall screaming “DIE, DIE, DIE , DIE!!!!”


J Si used to be a B Boy dancer – he even took breakdancing classes when he was in middle school – I would pay ANY amount of money to see pictures of that – he claims to have forgotten all of his moves


Emma Kelly throwing her arms up in the air and saying “HOLLA”


The silence/crickets when Kellie offered to take off her shirt for Al’s bar

“Things You Might Hear On Today’s Show”

Kellie had a traumatic day buying a bathing suit for Mexico

Al made a woman upset yesterday (big surprise there!!)

J Si doesn’t have anything to wear because Kinsey packed all of his clothes for Mexico

Shanon is officially having panic attacks


Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are married

Starbucks barista gave the Olsen twins full fat milk instead of skim

Jude Law is dating Kimberly Stewart

American Idol producers want David Cook to win American Idol


The highlight was when Kellie told a listener that she was an embarrassment because she’s pregnant and the Baby’s Daddy could be one of six people – the only thing that could have made it better would have been if we’d had the listener on the phone

In honor of American Idol, the show performed their Cheesy Manufactured American Idol songs – except Kellie took hers seriously and it wasn’t cheesy at all – well, I take that back – it was still cheesy – but not on purpose – the webcam was on Freddy and Arthur during this bit and it was totally wasted on them because if you could have seen Kellie, you would have crowned her the winner hands down – I swear she looked like she was on Broadway!! Kellie’s song didn’t actually have a hook (which is what the contest was supposed to be) and J Si complained because it was longer than 10 lines – but I still think hers was the best

Next came Kidd – wow – um, hmm … does he read this thing?? Well I’ll just give you the chat room responses – Allegedlyme said, “OMG- he’s totally going NEIL DIAMOND on our A**” and Abbeym32 said (in her best Randy Jackson impersonation), “so dawg i didnt like the song but you can sing ads on a laundromat wall and sound good” – and there you have it

J Si’s song was called “My Future Is Here” and it didn’t really matter what anyone else thought about the song – because J Si’s a member of the Fake Self Esteem Generation – and he clapped for himself well after the song was over

We saved the best for last – sort of … Big Al’s song was called “Thank You For Me” – let’s see, it was really LONG – and not only did Kidd talk over half the song, he played the “it’s random man” drop right right in the middle of it – is it a bad sign when 3 out of 4 of the Chat Room comments contain some form of the word fail??

From Uterus Michelle – “The one thing I can say about Al, and I think Dianthe would agree, he’s not afraid to fail SPECTACULARLY “

From Mr. Architect. “the thing is – if you’re going to fail – fail big. that ‘s what makes it funny”

From Abbeym32 – “he’s very good at failing, i think he’s got that down “

And then there was Ross who summed up the entire bit – “I voted for JSi’s but I still wanted to kill myself on all 4 songs… does that make me crazy… “

J Si cameup with what very well may be the funnest/funniest game ever – it’s called That’s What She Said, but it’s not the same That’s What She Said that Kidd came up with for the Game Show Challenge – basically, J Si recalls a conversation he had with his mom and you have to decide if his mom’s response will be a “That’s What She Said” moment or not – a few things we heard during the game …

What time do you get off?

I’d rather have it in my torta

I put nuts on the table

Sit on it and then go up and down

I tried to push him to go faster

Explode in your face


#5 – Paris Hilton wants to have a baby next year

#4 – Heidi and Spencer got booed at the Dodger baseball game

#3 – Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are honeymooning in their basement

#2 – Jessica Alba and Cash Warren got married

#1 – American Idol producers want David Cook to win, not Archuleta


If you have yesterday’s USA Today, make sure to check out the full page color ad of Freddy! That’s pretty cool! Plus, the new Freddy site is up on kiddlive.com/freddy – it’s a totally cook site that ha a lot of music and pictures and interactive stuff – check it out! In other Freddy news, Freddy has less than a month to finish his album – he’s been working on a song called “Even If” – he’s worked on a couple of different arrangements and has even considered scrapping it – but we’re gonna put it on the web so you can hear it – and then the highlight of my day – KINSEY!!! Kinsey called in to interview Freddy for a newsletter for a magazine – if I was J Si, I’d definitely be jealous – I mean, pretty much every time Kinsey said Freddy’s name, she followed it up with “you’re HOT!” now in Kinsey’s defense, sometimes you just can’t help yourself – I mean, whenever I see Jason Taylor on Dancing With the Stars, I automatically yell “HOT!!” – I can’t help it – it’s completely involuntary – besides, it’s not like I would actually leave my husband for Jason Taylor – at least I don’t think I would …

Day 2 of What’s Going to Happen in Mexico – according to Al

The show missed their flight because Al ordered a limo for 10:45 pm, not a.m. All of Al’s employees quit so he put everyone to work but not before the rude guy who used to own the bar before Al started chasing away all of Al’s customers – ok, so not a particularly funny skit – but probably pretty close to what might actually happen in Mexico – it’s going to be a long weekend!

New Music Tuesday

Three Doors Down

Donna Summer

Bun B

Scarlett Johannson



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  2. Dianthe!! Where is yesterday’s blog!?!? I’m missing it. This was the best idea, but I gotta get my fix!! Please post soon, before I get the DT’s. 🙂

    Best wishes, and give Sydney some snuggle love!!

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