J Si Behind the Scenes

June 4, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

now that i’m in the Geek Room aka Boy Central – i’m surrounded by boys – sometimes it’s scary and disgusting but for the most part, it’s just really funny – i swear this room should have it’s own show – and don’t believe that crap about girls being mean and catty – it’s WAY worse in the Geek Room – anyway, J Si comes in here from time to time to hang out with the boys and always has something funny to say – i think J Si is hilarious – and he thinks he is too – so i’ve decided to feature him with a J Si “Behind the Scenes” moment – this will be something that you can only get here in the Remix – i’m 2 days behind, but this is what i have so far – in honor of J Si’s Brown Chicken Brown Cow joke, i present to you … J Si’s Mexican Word of the Day – warning:  the funniest part of the video is not the joke – it’s how funny J Si thinks he is!!

Word of the Day – Chicken

Word of the Day – Brief



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  1. HAHAHAH that was hilarious.

    JC should do stand up with those jokes like that..lol

  2. You’re right, the funniest thing about it is how funny J-Si thinks it is! I was cracking up!

  3. it says the video is no longer available?!?!

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