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Kellie Rasberry tells Sean William Scott that she has a bump on her neck and is going to the dermatologist


Don’t tell me Big Al’s not gay – Al’s son Korey was here to do some type of Father’s Day thing -so he was hanging out in the Geek Room – Al came in during the break and we were all joking around and talking – all of a sudden Al says, “dude, Steve’s daughter called me at 3am – I guess she forgot that Steve was at the lake …” um, okay – so if he wasn’t at the lake, he would have been at your house at 3am???  Poor Korey – that’s a hell of a way to find out your dad is gay!


Kidd said Emma Kelly had a big head (he was joking) and Kellie said, “I’m gonna come in there and kick your scrawny manorexic butt”


There’s Cracker Jacks everywhere – Kellie

Kidd challenged Kellie on that by calling every 7-11 on the planet to see if they sell Cracker Jacks – when Kidd couldn’t find one store that carried them, Kellie concluded that maybe the store clerks weren’t looking – after all, “what does he care, he’s just happy that no one is pointing a gun to his head”

“Things You Might Hear On Today’s Show”

Kellie had to change shirts because the first one smelled funny

Al is depressed because the other side of his bed hasn’t been slept in

J Si is mad because Kinsey woke him up at 2am after a night of partying


There You Go – Pink

Get the Party Started – Pink

Me So Horny – 2 Live Crew

Damage – Danity Kane

Got it From My Momma – Will.I.Am

What You Got – Colby O’Donis & Akon

Mercy – Duffy

Handlebars – Flobots

Konichiwa B****** – Robyn

Defying Gravity – Freddy

Pocket Full of Sunshine – NatashaBedingfield

Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy

Low – Flo Rida

Flo Rhonda – GREATNESS!!!!!

19 Wheels On A Big Rig


Mariah Carey’s 2nd wedding to Nick Cannon has been canceled

Britney Spears has been cut from the Pussycat Dolls video


Apparently 16 year old Aubrey is a HUGE Freddy fan – and what better way to wake her up at 7am on her summer vacation than with Freddy singing “Defying Gravity” – I think Aubrey’s reaction said it all, “OH MY GOD!!!”

Al emails Kidd with ideas for the show but because Kidd has a fancy email filter – Al’s emails are often sent to the Spam folder based on the title of the email – so Kidd came up with the game “Spam or Email from Big Al”


An Amazing Offer –

Want to make easy money

It’s Our Time

Prove Your Manliness

Slide It In

It’s Gonna Be Big

Let Me Help You Fix Your Face

Younger Is Better

Let’s Get Down and Dirty



Big Al


Big Al


Big Al

Big Al

Big Al


everyone on the show played and in what I think may have been the first time in show history, Kellie Rasberry was wrong- EVERY SINGLE TIME – of course Kidd took advantage of this and played the Kellie’s wrong dance- and Kellie called foul on that – the result was a trading of insults that turned into the KKITM Smackdown

Kellie – Why are you shaking your booty in my face

Kidd – Baldy

Kellie – Manorexic

Kidd – You’re occasionally not a nice person (yeah, Kidd lost a point here!!)

Kellie – Rapunzel nose hairs (this line was fed to Kellie by Al)

Kidd – Really horribly crooked teeth (directed towards Al after he found out that he fed the line to Kellie)

See how quickly the tide can turn – fortunately, we’re all family here and love each other enough to let things go – so to bring back the sunshine and rainbows, Kidd complimented Al on his ability to be the life of the party and all was right with the world


In honor of Father’s Day, everyone’s dad called in with stories from their childhood – I don’t think any of us saw this one coming – but Shanon’s dad, Carl made us all cry!  He told a story about Shanon and Halloween – Shanon had dressed up as a hobo and they put makeup on her face – when Shanon saw the makeup, it scared her so they had to take it off – it was too late to get her another costume and Shanon was upset because she didn’t have anything to wear – when she asked her dad what she was going to be, he said “you’ll just have to be Daddy’s little girl” – awww, that just made me cry all over again!!  Shanon’s dad told her he was proud of her and while I’m sure it’s not the first time Shanon’s dad has said that to her, I think it was the first time she actually heard it

Kellie’s Daddy proved that Kellie has always been Kellie!    When Kellie was little she had a neighbor named Danny Boy (who also happened to be the first boy Kellie kissed – she was fast back then 😉 ) – anyway, Danny Boy said the “D” word while they were playing and Kellie didn’t like that – so she slapped Danny Boy across the jaw – Kellie then told us that after she slapped him – Danny Boy grabbed his cheek, looked at her and said “damndamndamndamndamndamn” and then ran off

J SI and Kinsey’s 6th anniversary is this weekend and any romantic plans they have will include Kelley, Kinsey’s sister because she’s in town visiting – J Si wrote a letter to Kinsey for their anniversary and the real Kinsy called in so he could read it to her – it was a really sweet letter about how J Si is a better person for having Kinsey in his life and even though Kidd tried to ruin it by playing the Mexican Hat Dance music in the background and commenting on how puppies pee on the floor when they’re excited to see you – J Si fought through it and made yet another special moment for Kinsey – you know your boyfriend loves you when he knows that you’ve been together for 2190 days – this combined with that “Hey There Miss Kinsey” song he did for her birthday – J Si is really going to have to step it up if he ever gets around to proposing


#5 – Johnny Depp is not marrying Vanessa Paradis at Sandra Bullock’s house in Savannah

#4 – Mariah Carey is calling off her vow renewal to Nick Cannon because no one will buy the pictures

#3 – Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are back together … AGAIN

#2 – Paris Hilton’s mom will play Tom Cruise’s wife in Ben Stiller’s new movie – got that??

#1 – Zack Efron doesn’t take showers regularly and uses baby wipes instead

Korey Mack dropped by the show – Korey is Al’s oldest son and has been busy with his own life (how dare he have one of those!) so we haven’t heard much from him lately – the last time I remember hearing from Korey, he was finishing up college – now he’s married with 2 dogs and is teaching and coaching high school – man, time flies!!  Anyway, Korey came by to tell Al that despite the fact that Al wasn’t as hands on as either of them would have like during Korey’s childhood – Korey loves him very much and appreciates all of the things that Al taught him even when he didn’t want to learn them!!  The whole thing was really very sweet and Al even teared up – I tried to get a picture of Al crying, but this was the best I could do!!

Al and Korey Mack!!!

In Drunk News, we talked to Cruz – we never actually got to the news because Cruz was so busy talking about himself and everything else – but we did find out that Cruz can’t count (1,2,3,4,5,8) or say his ABCs (ABCDE-JKLMNOP-TUV )

Sean William Scott called in to promote his movie “The Promotion” – this interview totally turned me around on him – I never  really never thought about him one way or the other but he was a lot of fun – we had real conversation with him – not just your average question and answer stuff – in fact, I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the Top 10 KKITM interviews – definitely listen to this one on the KPod – but until you do, here are a couple of things we learned about Sean William Scott (because I think you have to say his whole name)

His brother is one if the guys that started The Onion

Didn’t know that he had to audition to get an agent

Got mugged on his way to the Baywatch audition for his shirt and $1.35

The worst movies he ever did were Mr. Woodcock and Bulletproof Monk

We sent Engineer Rob out to talk to the listeners watching the show to act as the advance guy with a few rules …

Do not touch or maintain eye contact with Kellie Rasberry

Please maintain 3 feet of space between you and Kellie Rasberry

Kellie Rasberry will not be answering questions

If you have a gift for anyone on the show, please make sure you have an equal or better gift for Kellie Rasberry

Approved words to use when speaking with Kellie Rasberry – hot, beautiful, thin, talented, brilliant and the Divine Miss R


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  1. Walmart sells cracker jacks in their snack isle.

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