Kidd Kraddick discovered them

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It exploded in my pants – Kidd Kraddick talking about the bottle rocket his brothers stuffed down his pants


J Si stealing Kidd’s “to this” when Kidd was trying to put a dramatic pause after “Listen …”


Big Al saying “Have you had your first black man experience” to Hayley of Paramore who looks like she’s 12

Al saying “I think we have Grandpa Kraddick on the phone right now” – in front of Kidd AND Caroline – um, Kidd’s dad passed away and Kidd just said 2 days ago that he was having a hard time deleting his dad’s phone number from his Blackberry – good looking out Al!!!


Katy “I Kissed A Girl” and Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes are dating – so all morning long, Kidd kept telling Katy and Travis that he was going to introduce the two of them because he heard they wanted to meet each other


Gym Class Heroes debuted their song “Cookie Jar” on Ryan’s show instead of ours


Did you know that Kidd discovered Demi Lovato – yeah, because before she did that Camp Rock movie, she sang on the sidewalk outside the studio – and then Kidd did nothing for her -but Kidd discovered her – WHAT? I read it on


Don’t set off fireworks in front of your dog because it’ll make him run off

“Things You Might Hear On Today’s Show”

Kellie was asked to be on a reality show about cougars

J Si no longer owns Natasha Bedingfield

Shanon is getting ready to apologize to Nikki

Al made out with someone last night


There You Go – Pink

Must Be The Money – Nelly

Lolly Lolly – Three 6 Mafia

Beat It – Fall Out Boy

Mash Up – Tipsy/J Kwon – Pour Some Sugar On Me/Def Leppard

Shake It – Metro Station

No Handle Bars – Flobots

Clothes Off – Gym Class Heroes

I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are having a baby boy

Tatum O’Neal pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and will have her drug charge dismissed

DMX was arrested … AGAIN

Britney Spears has been secretly seeing Adnan


Kidd’s brothers put a bottle rocket in his pants as a kid – so that’s why Kidd is so … never mind


Even though Kellie said it’s not the word porn, that’s bad – it’s just what it actually is, we’ve decided to change the name – so from now on, when we want to talk about porn, we will refer to it as “corn”

SOOOOO, back in the day, Shanon had a boyfriend – yes, Psycho Shanon (who now lives on the other side of the street) had a boyfriend – anyway, Shanon was gone all day and when she finally got home, her boyfriend handed her a chewed up remote and said that her dog, Cody, had accidentally ordered “corn” – not only that, but Cody had locked her boyfriend out while he was ordering the “corn” – wanna know what was really crazy about this story – Shanon BELIEVED him – if you want to hear the original story, first hand – be listening on Monday in the 7 o’clock hour (Central time) – we’ll be playing it on the Best of Show


5. Three 6 Mafia – Last 2 Walk
4. Motley Crue – Saints of Los Angeles
3. Soundtrack – Camp Rock
2. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III
1. Coldplay – Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends


Freddy performed “Defying Gravity” live in studio with his new band for the very first time then Kevin, the guy that created The Warped Tour, called to invite Freddy to perform at the tour TODAY – how cool is that???


Travis is in studio and came in with a cane – he sprained his knee in a show the other day when he tripped over deJesus (who plays the eggs) – and now he’s having a little trouble getting around – he had also just woken up – but he got it together just in time to perform the World Premiere of “Live A Little” – it’s a chill song with a nice little guitar solo in the middle – definitely liked it!!

Flashback – Kidd and Travis had a serious underwear talk in Vegas – Travis had bags and bags of underwear in his room because Travis doesn’t wear underwear twice – he said he spends a ton of money on cigarettes – why not spend money on underwear – very nice.


Hayley Williams is the lead singer and her aunt is a listener and has been emailing Kidd forever telling him to put her niece on the show – well, we finally got her on – now that she’s a big rock star – of course after today, we’ll tell everyone that KKITM discovered her – cause that’s how we do! They performed “That’s What You Get” first – I didn’t know that Paramore sang this song and I LOVE it – Hayley has an awesome voice!!! Then they stuck around to sing “Misery Business” – I’ll be honest with you – I was beyond tired of hearing that song on the radio every 2 minutes, but hearing it played acoustic makes me love it all over again

Paramore tidbit – Hayley grew up listening to funk and soul and used to be in a funk cover band with Jeremy


The funnest girl we’ve had on the show in a while – tons of personality and super nice – she just hung out in the kitchen talking to everyone – I think I love her!!!

Katy travels in a tour bus with her face on the side

Katy grew up singing “His Eye Is On the Sparrow” in church

Sister Act 1 and 2, The Preacher’s Wife

Katy has a cat named Kitty Purry

She put this random dude on blast on the Internets for slamming her

She’s a big fan of the color pink – and the artist, Pink

Check her out on


The band performed the song “Hey Brittany”

Forever The Sickest Kids Tidbit – Jonathan (the lead singer) spent $350 of his money to get front page placement on PureVolume and they didn’t have a song – so they wrote and recorded “Hey Brittany”

And last but not least


#5 – Mario Lopez turned down $200k to pose nekkid in Playgirl

#4 – A Rod’s wife left him for Lenny Kravitz – lucky girl!!

#3 – Lily Allen is doing a song with Lindsay Lohan

#2 – Britney Spears has been secretly seeing Adnan “Bubba” Ghalib and her dad is not happy

#1 – Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes was arrested in St Louis after bonking a guy on the head with a microphone for calling him a racial slur

One member of the show will be hanging with a celebrity while on vacation – and that celebrity will be calling into the show – so listen to see who it is because if you guess correctly, you could win $1000

VACAY!!!!!! We’re on vacation until July 14th – but we’ve got lots of Best Of for you guys – and i’ll be updating the ReMix with a special highlighted version of the Best Of Shows – I know that Best Of can be a beating – but there’s some old stuff that we haven’t played in a really long time – and just remember – if you haven’t heard it – it’s new to you!!!


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