Happy Birthday Shanon!!!!!

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This is what Andrew wore to work today – notice that his shorts are plaid and his shirt is striped – and his fashion sense is nil. Fyi, this is dressed up for Andrew


Kidd using the voice alternator while he tried to be a girl and Kellie tried to be a guy during Love Letters To Kellie


Kellie pointing out that she was putting on her Katy Perry Cherry chapstick even though Kidd would have pointed it out if Kellie hadn’t


Kidd pretending to be Shanon’s boyfriend/girlfriend while her mother and 8 tear old niece watched the show from outside


Bitter and Gay – that combination is not good


Big Al’s incorrect use of the word “inkling”


Kidd says the word ‘plus’ cannot be used in a sentence unless you’re using it in reference to math – Kellie looked it up and says it can be used, but then it’s informal – um, is this really the show you want to take grammar lessons from?


It’s Shanon’s birthday and everyone forgot her present – except Kidd – he just forgot her birthday

This normal segment got totally derailed by airplane talk – Kinsey’s flight was delayed until “like midnight” and J Si was at the airport waiting for her half the night – Kidd left San Francisco Sunday morning at 9:30am and didn’t arrive in New York until 12:15am Monday morning – what did we learn from this boys and girls? It sucks when flights are delayed but sometimes there is bad weather and it’s not the airlines fault – and even if it is their fault, wouldn’t you rather be delayed a couple of hours than be flying on a plane that will crash and cause you to die – yep, that’s what we thought too

We got a ton of entries for the Secondhand Serenade contest – the one where we bring you up on stage and have John aka Secondhand Serenade sing to you on stage – someone asked if we were getting any entries from men and speculated what that might be like if “Gary” won the contest and John had to sing to him – um, can you say awkward??

Kidd came up with two new segments – 1. The defeated segment where everyone acts completely defeated and 2. The paranoid segment where everyone takes completely innocent statements the wrong way – Kidd came up with these segments after talking to Shanon off air while he was in New York – now, I will say that Shanon has a really tough job – and that tough job becomes extremely difficult when Kidd is gone because everything changes – and Shanon becomes completely defeated and paranoid – which is where the new bits come from – Kidd was a little beatdown after talking with Shanon yesterday and gave us an example of one of their conversations – just make sure when you read this you use your regular Kidd voice for Kidd’s line and your Eeyore voice for Shanon’s lines

Kidd – how much time til we come back? are you there??

Shanon (sounding defeated) – yeah

Kidd – sooooo?

Shanon – a minute 40

Kidd – so are we gonna do the wedding thing next?

Shanon – Yeah – Big Al wedding beat – we finish in one minute 40 seconds – Matchbox 20 – 12 second intro

Poor Shanon – it’s mentally exhausting sometimes – and like she told Kidd after the show “you try dealing with you!”

All of that, and it was just the first break of the show – SirRyanofWales said exactly what I was thinking, “I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing. They are being hilarious this morning.” – and it only got better!!!


Miley Cyrus wants to do a “Sex and the City” for teens

Chris Brown will never talk about his personal relationship

Reggie Bush wants Kim Kardashian to lose some of her big booty

Lindsay Lohan is on track to comply with her drunk driving and cocaine charges

We have new webcams with cool new angles – if you watch live, it’s on a 26 second (or 2 minute) delay – but if you miss the show – you can now go back later and watch the whole show

Improv Patrick went to Mexico for vacation and had a conversation with Big Al at his bar in Playa – actually, Improv Patrick interviewed Big Al at his bar – so why is it that when we asked Big Al where Improv Patrick went for his vacation, Big Al answered Puerta Vallarta?


If your “backup boyfriend” becomes engaged – it’s not cool to ask his new fiancée if he can continue to accompany you to functions when you can’t get a date – instead, you should find yourself a boyfriend or a “Will”

If your girlfriend constantly tells you that other guys are checking her out, you need to decide whether or not you’re willing to deal with that for the rest of your life – if you can’t, it’s time to move around


The idea behind the Secondhand Serenade contest was for someone who had a real connection to the song to write in and tell us their story – Eric wrote in to tell us about his relationship with his wife Kristie – he and Kristie met when they started working at the same place on the same day – they were both seeing other people at the time, but eventually became best friends and were married in January of 2005 – 6 weeks after they got married, Kristie found out she was pregnant – it was a surprise and eventually had to stop working because she was put on bed rest – shortly after that – SURPRISE – Kristie was pregnant again – things started to get tight around the house and Kristie’s dad eventually moved in with them to help out – they gave her dad their bedroom and started sleeping on the couch – fast forward to now and Kristie is pregnant … AGAIN (um, birth control anyone?) – with the day to day stresses, Eric isn’t able to do the things for Kristie that he used to do – he doesn’t have time to make her earrings out of staples and Skittles when she forgets hers and they don’t get much alone time – so he wrote this letter to us to show Kristie how much he loves her and tell her that he wants to fall in love with his wife all over again – awwww – I’m all warm and fuzzy – I think Kristie was warm and fuzzy too – even if the only responses she could come up with is “he does a good job at writing”

When you breakup with someone, do you want the next person they date to be more or less hot than you? Kellie says that she’s insulted if you cheat on her with someone who isn’t hotter than her – Kellie needs to understand why you left her – so if the girl is really hot, then it makes sense why you left – me, I’m the opposite – if you cheat on me, it better be with some dog ugly girl – that way, when I dump your sorry butt – I can say, “see you’ll never find someone as good as me – you screwed it all up!”


so, BGJ’s mission was to find another British person in New York – BGJ had one hour to complete his mission and missed it by a mere 4 hours – he ran into a Jamaican dude who we could not understand and an American girl who did a better fake British accent than anyone on the show – finally, he ran into 2 British guys – Jamar and Jerome, the British Brotha’s – but it wasn’t in time – so tomorrow we will hear BGJ’s transformation from British Guy Jack to British Gigolo Jack


#5 – Kris Kardashian says her daughter deserves to go to jail for her DUI

#4 – Megan Fox has been ordered to gain weight for the upcoming Transformers movie

#3 – Nicole Kidman says she will never sell pictures of her daughter but source say it’s because no one wanted to pay for them

#2 – J Lo’s twins never wear the same thing twice

#1 – Lauren Conrad walked out on a charity event without making her paid appearance

iTunes Top 5

5. Viva La Vida – Coldplay

4. Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers

3. 7 Things – Miley Cyrus

2. I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry

1. Pushin’ Me Away – Jonas Brothers

Kinsey is home – and even though she and J Si haven’t really resolved the whole “J Si lied about sleeping in Vegas”, they are still together and she’s not going to Houston this weekend to see her family

J Si did a Happy Birthday song for Shanon because today is her 27th birthday – it was to the song “Shorty Get Loose” by Lil Mama cause that’s Shanon’s favorite song – “Shorty Get Loose” is a really fast song so some of it was hard to understand but I did understand J Si pointing out that 27 is the age when boobies start to sag and that 27 is halfway to 54 – nice. In other Shanon birthday news – her mom and sister and nieces and nephew came up to watch the show, along with Shanon’s roommate and BFF – her mom brought donuts and cake and then one of Shanon’s other friends brought warm cookies and milk for everyone – um, can it be Shnon’s birthday EVERY DAY???


Shanon has been on the show for almost 10 years there was a time that Shanon was thinking about leaving radio to become a police officer – but she fell in the cancel and contracted MRSA aka The Staph, thanks to Big Al – Al was given the task of crossing the canal and though he wasn’t given any restrictions (he could’ve taken a boat, raft, the bridge that goes over the canal …), he decided to use a nylon rope that stretched across the canal and shimmy across – but he didn’t take into consideration that his 200+ pound frame would weight down the rope – so he quit – and Shanon, being the team player that she is, offered to do it instead – but as she got half way across the canal, she had horrible rope burns on her arms and legs and had to let go – if you’ve ever been down to the canal, you know that while the canal looks really cool – that water is the nastiest, filthiest, gunk infested water you’ll ever see – so Shanon fell in to the canal and contracted the Staph – as a result, she spent a week in the hospital (racking up huge hospital bills) and came to work with an IV tree filled with antibiotics – now do you see why no one has any sympathy for Kidd when he complains that Shanon gave him The Staph – yeah, you had a pimple on your face and yeah, it had to be cut out because it was infected – blah-blah-blah – I still don’t think it was MRSA – and even if it was, I doubt you got it from Shanon

Kidd stopped down the show to point out (AGAIN) that Kellie puts on her make up during the show – he says it doesn’t bother him but he brings it up all the time – as a girl, I can attest to the fact that it’s hard to put on makeup at 4am – some days it happens for me and some days it doesn’t – but I don’t have to record the Showbiz Top 5 like Kellie does – and even though she’s on the webcam, it’s not really the same thing – so Kidd, stop pointing out when Kellie is putting on her makeup – it’s not that big of a deal!

The highlight of my day …




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  1. Nice outfit Andrew, lol! oh my!
    It is weird to put on makeup at work in front of your co-workers, who does that?

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