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Minutes into the show that it took before Kidd was wrong – he said it was Wednesday and it’s not – it’s Thursday


Minutes into the show it took to perform our first horribly offensive bit – Al and J Si attempted Chinese accents while “acting” as Chinese protestors at the Olympics


Kidd wrote a song for Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger, called “I’m Not The President’s Brother” – he was going to play the song for Billy Bob but he could only find the instrumental – but he didn’t know that until about 30 seconds into the song


Al telling Billy Bob about his dream that he kissed Don Cheadle

Billy Bob remembering that Big Al asked him about Halle Berry but Big Al didn’t

Kidd playing the “Al on Mr. Freeze” clip for the super hot Prima J girls


Playing that stupid Avril Lavigne “Boyfriend” song in every freaking language for Prima J – yeah, if I never hear that again, it’ll be WAY too soon


He’s not on X, he’s on W – Kidd talking about how slow Andrew is


Are you on drugs – Kidd

No – well, what kind of drugs – J Si

And Andrew related …

Andrew trying to learn how to talk with a British accent

She’s gonna assume head injury – Kidd

She’s assume that without the accent – Al

Talking about the picture he sent to the WoW girl

Which picture did you send her? – J SI

YOURS!! – Al


Kellie’s daughter, Emma Kelly, had her first projectile vomiting experience … at Souper Salad

J Si might die in two weeks because he’s having surgery for the very first time

Shanon’s mic is broken

Al wants everyone to know that there are 154 days until Christmas


BGJ and his girlfriend are moving into a new apartment – but they may break up because they’re painting – and we all know how redecorating can destroy a relationship – BGJ and his girlfriend shopped for scented candles for an hour and a half – he would walk away and she would wait for him to come back until she would smell the second one – and then ended up buying the first one she smelled – if that isn’t a recipe for relationship disaster, I don’t know what is – but at least BGJ was able to find the piggy bank he’s been looking for – now he just needs to name it

Freddy is opening for Good Charlotte tomorrow night and in order to really fit in with the whole rock star image – he needs a hype man – now, the obvious choice is Big Al – because Al lives his life as a hype man – it’s who he is – it’s what he does – but since Kidd discovered Freddy, he wants a chance at being the hype man – and just like when you have kids, if you let one person do it, you have to let them all do it – so then we throw J Si into the competition – of course J Si is going to be questionable for the next couple of weeks because he’s on Vicodin due to dental pain – soooo … I’m putting my money on J Si – he’s comical enough as it is – but on drugs?? Comedy Gold!


Star magazine says Matthew Broderick is cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker

Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez have been secretly dating for months

Brad Pitt was caught driving a golf cart with Shiloh sitting on his lap

The National Enquirer is reporting that Lynne Spears ran over and killed a 12 year old boy in 1975

iTunes Top 5

5. Viva la Vida – Coldplay

4. 7 Things – Miley Cyrus

3. Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers

2. Disturbia – Rihanna

1. I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry


Andrew has a girlfriend – well she’s not exactly his girlfriend – he hasn’t even met her – or talked to her – unless you count online – in case you don’t know, Andrew is one of those WoW people – and apparently this girl is a troll – a WoW troll – and her name is Sarah – and Andrew has fallen madly in love with her (even though he just “met” her on Saturday) – the problem is that she doesn’t live here – she lives in London – and it seems that Sarah is a British snob and hates Americans – I guess that makes her attractive to Andrew – why else would he lie and say that he also lives in London – oh, Andrew ::shakes head:: there are so many flaws with this plan – the first being that telling a HUGE lie is a really bad way to start a relationship – the second, don’t you think she’s going to figure out fairly quickly that you don’t actually live in London??

So rather than have Andrew go ahead and come clean with his lies, the boys encourage Andrew to continue the lie by teaching Andrew how to speak with a British accent – enter BGJ – can’t you see where this is going? In case you can’t, let me tell you – horribly, horribly wrong – so wrong that Kellie finally asked Andrew if he was even trying – yeah, it was that bad – bad enough that Chat Room Ross said, “I think it would be funnier if Andrew learned how to talk in a Spanish accent. That would make me laugh harder” – as if laughing harder at Andrew would be possible – I do have to give Andrew some credit though – when she asked him for a picture, Andrew sent her the icon he used on his Kiddnation page – though Ross called him out, “I’m surprised and very disappointed he didn’t say ‘I used my Avatar from Kiddnation'” – maybe Andrew isn’t the geek we all thought him to be – at any rate – the guys thought of a couple of ways for Andrew o continue this travesty of a mockery of a sham – the current plan is to have BGJ talk to her and to call her through the internet since he doesn’t have a London phone number – i’m going to be popping some popcorn because I can’t wait to see this crash and burn – though I have a theory that the show hasn’t considered yet – I think Sarah may be just as big a liar as Andrew – I think she may really live in Podunk, Middle of Nowhere – I mean think about it – a guy you met on line tells you he lives in the same metropolitan city as you and you don’t think to ask where in that city? If I lived in Houston and someone told me they lived in Houston, I would ask where in Houston – believe me – there’s a lot more to this story – so stay tuned …

And speaking of huge lies – Martha called in to tell us about her relationship that started with a huge lie – before the guy she was dating was actually her boyfriend – he told her that he was gay – and he was her gay BFF – he even introduced her to HIS boyfriend – then one day, he told her it was all a lie and that he was really straight and had lying about being gay so that he could get to know her – and get this – she believes him – they’ve been dating for 2 years, they’ve never had sex and she thinks it’s because he’s trying to protect her virtue – and just to find out how virtuous Martha really is – Kidd asked her “if previous partners were apples, how many apples have you eaten” – her answer? “the whole tree – cause that’s how us South Carolina girls do it” – yes, boys and girls – she’s from Kellie Rasberry’s hometown of Florence, South Carolina – it must be something in the water down there in Florence because our own Kellie Rasberry once dated a gay boy who insisted that he was straight – even though he frequently spent the night with his “BFF” and they slept in the same bed – I’m pretty sure that deep down, Martha knows that her man is gay – but just in case, here’s some back up from the Chat Room

Djskyy: girl, he’s gay

Mrs. Jane: “your gayyyyyyyyyyyyy” oh that foo is gay

Bailey RAH: he’s GAY

Ross: one year together and no sexy time? I couldn’t wait 5 minutes without waiting for sexy time

Chikki419: sooo gayyyyy


Freddy came in studio to wish Josh (Freddy’s bandmate) happy birthday – Josh is a bigtime artist who could be making a ton of money working with established artists – but he believes in Freddy so is working for a LOT less than he could get – so we surprised Josh by having his dad call in to tell him happy birthday – then we surprised him by telling him that we’re flying his dad in to see the House of Blues show tomorrow night – Josh hasn’t seen his dad in about 2 or 3 months and his dad hasn’t seen him perform in about 2 years and he just said that he really wished his dad could see him perform – so Josh is getting his birthday wish!


WOW – I never thought I would say this – but I’m strangely attracted to him – I even had my picture made with him – I’ve never done that before – in the 5 ½ years that i’ve worked here – I’ve never had my picture made with a celebrity – but yeah, I’d do him – plus he remembered the previous interviews he’s done with the show – how cool is that?


He is the most famous person from his town, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Went to the Kansas City Royal’s training camp and planned to play professional baseball until he got injured

He always wanted to be in a band

Was in drama in high school because there were chicks in there and he wanted to get higher than a C in something

He accidentally became an actor

Mike and JD are the other guys in the band the Boxmasters and had to take an hour of media training

Billy Bob was wearing a George Clinton t-shirt – what could be cooler than that??

Here’s What Bugs Billy Bob

It’s not the people who walk up to him and do the Slingblade impression – it’s when someone walks up to him at the mall and says “my uncle can do you so good – he’s right over there buying tennis shoes – let me go get him” and because Billy Bob is super nice and cool, he ends up standing there for 20 minutes waiting for some stranger’s uncle to come over and do a crappy impression of him – then he has to lie and say it was great while they fumble with the camera they can’t seem to figure out so that they can take a picture

Weirdest Billy Bob Moment

A woman asked him to sign her dad’s artificial leg on the set of Friday Night Lights – shout out Odessa!!

Actors that Billy Bob would like to work with

Denzel Washington

Forest Whitaker

Ed Norton

Robert Duvall

Gene Hackman

Gary Oldman


Billy Bob’s manager – is there any doubt she got this job because she’s hot?? I mean come on – I’m a fan of the hooker heel – after all, I’m a girl who wore 4 inch heels throughout my entire pregnancy – but who really wears hooker heels at 7am???


#5 – The Sci-Fi Channel and Oxygen are bringing out new songs and the “Bad Girls Club is back for a third season

#4 – Heather Locklear has left rehab

#3 – A-Rod has been engaging in a little retail therapy to deal with his stress – to the tune of $50k at Barneys

#2 – Star magazine says that Matthew Broderick is cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker

#1 – Sources say Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez are a couple


Janelle and Jessica – they are cousins and so cute!!!

They were discovered by their manager Bruce in Rosemeade, California

They can’t remember the song they sang to Bruce to get them discovered

Their video has been viewed 6 million time son YouTube

They don’t speak Spanish but they live the Latino culture

if you’re not one of the 6 million people who have seen Prima J on You Tube – here’s your chance!



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  1. I wonder why girls feel embarrassed/ashamed to admit they find Billy Bob Thornton attractive? LOL. I totally agree with you! I wouldn’t mind having me some Billy Bob…I think it’s a mixture of his deep voice and how he seems to exude confidence.

  2. Bahahahahaha! Of course, we would have the “prosthetic leg” shout out! Way to Go Odessa.
    -Ally from Odessa/Midland

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