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A while back, J Si had a minor falling out with Taco Bell that had a not-so-pleasant ending – and even though J Si loves Taco Bell and eats there almost every day, the rift could not be repaired – so imagine how hurt he was when he turned on the tv and saw that Taco Bell had stolen his hip-hop drive thru bit – poor J Si – his feelings really were hurt, so he decided to go to Taco Bell and plead his case – after all, they stole his bit so shouldn’t they put him in the commercial – or at least give him a free meal??  And maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking that bringing the video producer to help you isn’t really the best way to get that accomplished – but he did it anyway – he took Andrew “what are you taaaaalking about” Video Guy as his sidekick – now take into consideration that Andrew cannot rap – we know because Kidd tried to help him out by teaching him to sing “Crank That” by Souljah Boy – he even gave him the words – but it was terrible – really bad – not good – and you’d think that would be enough – but as it turns out, Andrew can’t really read all that well either – boys and girls, this is what too many video games does to your brain I guess there’s a reason why he’s the video guy and not on air – anyway, Andrew tagged along as J Si’s sidekick and in case there was any doubt – the bit went nowhere fast – Andrew can’t keep a beat and couldn’t manage to throw his 2 lines in at the right time – plus, J Si got into it with the Taco Bell worker – well, as much as one can when you’re only come back is repeating what the person just said:

“You watch too much tv” – Taco Bell worker

“No, YOU watch too much tv” – J Si

Good come back J Si


For someone who claims to be so super tech savvy, I think Kidd missed the boat on his fancy 2.4 GHz $40 “intercom system” – it’s not really an intercom system – they’re more like modern day walkie talkies – and truth be told, they don’t work that well – they’re extremely bulky (they’re designed to sit on a desk) and it’s just plain hard to hear – especially when you send your producer down the hall to test out how well they work – poor Shanon – there really isn’t anyone who gives it up for the show more – which is why she didn’t bat an eye when Kidd said, “hey Shanon – go out in the hall and see if we can still hear you” and then sent someone to go lock her out – though it did give Kidd a chance to play around with the intercom without Shanon telling him to go to break – with me in the Geek Room and Kidd in the studio, he proceeded to ask questions about the Chat Room and what everyone was talking about – too bad he wasn’t impressed with the chatter – the biggest question that day “why is Kellie in a separate room?” – Kidd’s answer “GET OVER IT!!” – I know, I know – it’s an annoying question, but inquiring minds want to know – the other big question is “what does Kidd do during the break?” – but I digress – Kidd wanted to know what the second biggest topic in the chat room was – um, your tight purple shirt Kidd – see, sometimes it’s better to just let it go


I’ve been listening to KKITM for a VERY long time and I’ve worked here for a long time too  – and I have to say that this is probably the worst interview we’ve ever done – I wish it was Kidd’s fault – because then I could tease him mercilessly about it and anytime he tried to give me attitude, I could say “oh yeah, well remember that Bruce Willis interview …” – and then he’d have to shut up – but no matter what Kidd says – this was NOT his fault – Bruce Willis is just a jerk – and he kind of has that air about him – you know, a little too cool for the room – but you’d think that he would at least be friendly – especially since he’s promoting a movie – I know the press junket must be a beating -but if you hate it THAT much then maybe you should tell your people that you don’t want to do interviews – you’re Bruce Willis – you’re a big enough star that you shouldn’t have to do press – but no – instead, you do interviews and act like a complete jerk to the people that interview you – the whole time Bruce acted completely bored and uninterested and when Shanon took pictures, the nicest thing he could say was, “Are you gonna be doing this the whole time? ”  ugh – and I won’t even get into the fact that he totally sounded like Mr. Mumble Man the entire interview – you could hardly understand him – which wasn’t so bad since the only time he acted remotely interested is when he talked about elevators, 9/11 and the World Trade Center – and then after all of that, he just got up after the interview was over and didn’t say bye – and didn’t take pictures even though he said he would – and even after all of this, the worst part was that Kidd beat himself up about it – he really thought that there was something he could have done to have made this interview better – I have new for you – there wasn’t – Bruce Willis is just a jerk – but it didn’t stop Kidd from beating himself up over and over again on the ride home with Shanon – and the more he talked about it, the more he became sad … and depressed … and despondent – to the point where he decided to run the car off the road and take his life – along with Shanon’s –  good thing cats (and DJs) have nine lives – how do you think they survive all of those failed bits??


I don’t know what was funnier about Kinsey calling in this morning – the fact that Kinsey got a job as a lifeguard or the fact that she started every single question that she asked Freddy with “Freddy, you’re hot!!”

First of all – whoever hired Kinsey to be a lifeguard should be fired – here’s what I envision Kinsey’s day as a lifeguard – her putting on suntan lotion (not sunscreen, suntan lotion) and then adjusting her chair in the perfect sun position – she’ll be reading (and I use that word lightly)a huge stack of Glamour, Cosmo and Vogue magazines and will have someone bringing her Cosmos all afternoon – at no point will she be looking for drowning children – and do you really think she’ll administer mouth-to-mouth to some snotty nosed kid?  Um, not so much!  Plus she admitted that she won’t jump in the pool on the days she colors her hair – DUH.  GO TO SCHOOL!

But one part of Kinsey’s “lifeguard” position she was willing to do was interview Freddy – apparently the lifeguard association has a newsletter called “Shallow – because most people drown in the shallow end – and the newsletter is handwritten because “if you’re hot you don’t have to know how to type” – I guess I missed that day of lifeguard school


If you’ve heard Emma Kelly call out “DIE DIE DIE”, you’ve probably erupted in laughter – but it’s even funnier if you heard her scare the crap out of Kidd – Nanny Laura brought Emma Kelly to the studio at the end of the show so that Kellie could see her before she went to Freddie’s for the day – Emma Kelly is starting to expand her vocabulary and can say, Mommy, Daddy, puppy, Laura and … “DIE DIE DIE”- it all started when Kellie was on the phone with her BFF Tommie Jean – Kellie tends to be extremely Southern when talking to Tommie Jean and said something to the effect of “I could have just DIED” – and from the back seat of the car, she heard “DIE DIE DIE” – note to self:  stop cussing NOW!!  Anyway, and the phrase was born – so while Emma Kelly was at the studio, Kellie tried as hard as she could to get Emma Kelly to repeat the infamous phrase – and she would say it, but not with the fervor of before – so the show went ahead with the show sign off, “I’m Kidd Kraddick” … “DIE DIE DIE!!!” – BWAAAAHHHHH – poor Kidd – “stop it – you’re freaking me out Satan Baby” – so they started again, “I’m Kidd Kraddick … I’m Kellie Rasberry … I’m Big Al” – “DIE DIE DIE” “Alright child from the burning embers of Hell – STOP IT!!” yelled Kidd – see, that’s what you get for giving Kellie a hard time all these years – you knew it would finally catch up with you!!


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