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We were having a talk in the Geek Room about bits we used to do and Andrew said he hated Mad Moms in Mini Vans – I LOVED Mad Moms in Mini Vans and I lightly tapped Andrew in the arm as I walked out of the room – when I came back, he tried to clown me by saying that I punched like a girl – and that I “frogged” him – you remember frogging, right?? When you held your middle knuckle a little higher than the rest of them – except 1) I don’t hit like a girl and 2) I haven’t frogged anyone since, oh, 4th grade – so I punched Andrew in each arm to compare the punches – once with my regular “girl” punch and then once with my 4th grade “frog” punch – I wish we’d been videoing it because then you would have seen Andrew practically cry and say, “That hurt – I’m a pansy!!!” BWAHHHH!! See what happens when you mess with a GIRL!!


“They could turn it into 2 Gay Guys in a Bowl, that way they can spoon” – Steven commenting on Al’s Bar


During the Hizzle, we announced that Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant with twins – and apparently twins run in her family because Elvis was a twin and Lisa Marie has twin brothers – so Al, being Al, said “I think we have Elvis’ twin on the phone right now” and Kidd picks up the batphone and does Elvis’ twin Melvis – funny, right? Yeah, until Kellie points out that she doesn’t feel good about the bit because Elvis’ twin was stillborn … ***crickets***


I love white boy – J Si


Kellie is sick and has no hot water at her house

Big Al is still apologizing to his mom for Kidd slamming her cake

J Si is bummed because he wasn’t invited to Guy’s Night Out

Shanon’s dog, Oprah, ate her new leather couch


Charlie Sheen paid his pediatrician in nickels because the doctor immunized his kids

The Jonas Brothers may be getting ready for Camp Rock 2

Morgan Freeman is doing fine

Angie Harmon is pregnant with her third baby and Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant with twins


If your 22 year old baby daddy is sleeping with a 15 year old girl, RUN RUN RUN!!! You’re better off without him!

If you have a question about the legality of your marriage to your foreign wife, call a lawyer … not US!

Just because you have a friendly relationship with your baby daddy doesn’t mean you have to be with him

If your kids are asking for details about why daddy wants a divorce, only tell them what they need to know


This was going South from the very beginning because Kidd was annoyed that no one on the show had seen “The Dark Knight” except him – and even though Kellie says the only reason Kidd went to see the movie is because Heath Ledger died, Kidd says it’s the biggest movie EVER and that everyone should have already seen it – and because it’s such a big movie, someone put a fake Dark Knight scene on You Tube and the guy is dressed like the Joker – so Kidd started to play the video and for some reason, Al thought it was a scene from the actual movie – but rather than keep quiet and just go along with it, he thought he would ask for clarification … even though Kidd had previously pointed out (3 different times) that it was a spoof – it appears that Al was in his head thinking about his bar instead of paying attention to the shownow, I’ve been with the show for a long time – and I was a fan for an even longer time before that – and I can honestly say, this is the maddest I’ve ever seen Kidd at Big Al – and you know that Al has had some major screw ups over the years – but this one was just more than Kidd could take – and normally I find Al’s screw ups to be hilarious – even when Kidd doesn’t – but today I actually had Kidd’s back – but it wasn’t enough – after this, we pretty much lost Kidd for the rest of the show- but in case you’re still interested, here’s the video


Two movies open today which is a little odd for movie openings that aren’t expected to be huge blockbusters – but anyway …

Pineapple Express – which is basically about 2 potheads who witness a murder and then can’t figure out if the murderers are really out to get them or if they’re just paranoid because they’ve been smoking weed – apparently it’s really violent for a comedy – or like J Si says, “it’s Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle with guns and stuff”

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 – which is basically a Teenage Chick Flick – J Si has to go see this movie because he promised Kinsey – but since Kidd actually wants to see the movie, he offered to take Kinsey for J Si – of course J Si was all over that and said Kidd should put on a J Si wig on and offered to get Kidd some heels – um, J Si – is that an indication that you already have these things?? Just asking …


We used to be a show that talked about tv a lot! But now we just watch it and never talk about it – Kidd’s new favorite show is a show on Fuse called LIVE THROUGH THIS – he says it’s the modern version of VH1’s Behind the Music – the first episode was on Kanye West and Kidd said he saw Kanye differently after watching it – and since we rarely talk about tv anymore, Kellie took this small window of opportunity to wax poetic about the wonders of New York Goes To Hollywood on VH1 – really?? I have no idea why Kellie loves Tiffany Pollard so much, but she does – Kellie really does love reality tv – as do I – and even though we know it’s totally staged and sometimes fake, we’re okay with it

And speaking of reality tv – Kellie was asked to audition for a reality show about being a Cougar and actually went to lunch with the producers to give her input – but ultimately, she turned them down because she knew they would spin it – plus she knew that at some point Emma Kelly would see it and of course her ex-husband, Freddie would see it – Kellie dating and kissing and hanging out with younger men – yeah, no good can come of that

And speaking of Kellie dating – Kellie has gotten pretty good about letting stuff roll off her back, but something happened at DJ School that Kellie hasn’t been able to let go of – and she wrote about it in her blog – this guy basically called her a bad mom because instead of focusing 150% of her energies into Emma Kelly, Kellie is choosing to have a personal life – HUH?? I know Dr, Holier Than Thou recommends that single moms should not date until their children are grown – but that’s just stupid – Kidd asked for calls from mom’s who are waiting until their kids are grown to date – and guess what – we got a ton of calls from women who said that was stupid – that no one should put their life completely on hold like that – don’t single moms deserve to be happy? don’t they deserve companionship? And what about the kids? Shouldn’t they see what a good relationship looks like? Don’t they deserve to have a positive male role model in their lives (assuming their father is out) – I mean, it sounds good in theory but really? Come on! There is a big difference between being a single mom who is ho-ing around and bringing a different man in front of their kids every weekend and a single mom who is responsibly dating and not introducing her kids to a guy until she’s sure it’s serious – just because women are single doesn’t mean they’re morons


#5 – Former porn star Jenna Jameson is pregnant

#4 – Toni Braxton will be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars

#3 – Oprah brought 1,015,519, to Barack Obama’s campaign

#2 – Shia LeBeouf may be headed to rehab

#1 – Jessica Simpson signed to star on the HBO show, Hard Knocks


It looks like everybody is jumping on the iPhone bandwagon – even me … I really want an iPhone but I’ve yet to take the plunge – in the meantime, Kidd finally got a replacement iPhone after waiting in line for 4 hours and BGJ has one now too – now, I don’t know that I’m going to spend my days downloading “web apps” that play piano and create my own music – but I am interested in the GPS – and Al says the picture application is really cool – so, I guess I’m a little closer to really wanting the iPhone and jumping on Kidd’s “I love the greatness of all things Apple” bandwagon – but I’ll keep you posted!


So yesterday when Ice Cube gave Big Al lessons on how to “clear everything out of the room” – I don’t think he meant for Al to go up against a girl OR to have someone else do his dirty work – last week before the show left for DJ School, Al and J Si headed out to Al’s hangout aka The Home of Drunk News – they were hanging out on the patio when Al overheard a girl interviewing drunk people – and she was using the same kind of recorder that J Si uses – so Al asked J Si if he had the girl recording something for him – and J Si said no – hmmm … so Al went over to confront the girl and it turns out that she knows all about Big Al and KKITM and works for another radio station – a station that our used-to-be-our-very-own-Troy now works out – hmmmm again … Al tried to get her to leave and she offered up the compromise of Al taking one half of the patio and her taking the other – but Big Al was having none of that – instead, he went to the door guy and asked him to remove her from the premises – except he was kind of joking – but apparently the door guy wasn’t in on the joke – so door guy politely asked her to leave – and she did – I think Al kind of felt bad about it – because he didn’t really expect her to be thrown out of the restaurant – but you know what – too bad – she didn’t have any business trying to do Al’s bit at Al’s house – and that, Ice Cube, is how you “clear everything outta the room”


This contest had the potential to be really good – because kids are usually good for some laughter – especially when they’re tattling on their brothers and sisters for a Wii – but instead of Reagan and Emma telling us that their brothers had snuck out of the house or that their sister has been wearing makeup without their mom knowing, we heard stories of brothers that tease and eat all the donut holes – ugh. as Kellie pointed out, this was NOT the fault of the kids that called in – they weren’t exactly given the proper instruction as to how the bit was supposed to go – and so instead of giving away a Wii, Kidd had a meltdown and offered the job of phone screener to a kid named Corey – where’s that drop of Big Al saying “not good” when you need it?

iTunes Top 5

5. Jonas Brothers – Burnin Up
4. Jonas Brothers – Tonight
3. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
2. Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl
1. Rihanna – Disturbia


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  1. Kidd is such an effing princess!! He should have just made fun of Al (like he always does) and then moved on. But nooooo, he had to throw a fit and let the rest of the show suck. This remix should have been titled “Kidd’s man period”.

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