he’s my boyfriend – i love him!

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Kidd said guys can’t name things and then we took a million calls from men that say it’s okay to name inanimate objects as long as you use a girl’s name


Is there out there now that feels me right now – Kidd

Would you like a guy to feel you? – Kellie

There’s only one thing a guy can name – Kidd

NO NO NO – everyone on the show

That makes you a tool – J Si


Kellie said Kim Basinger was nominated for an Oscar for Mulholland Drive or something like that – Kidd looked it up and it was actually LA Confidential – which, Kellie did come up with before Kidd did – she was talking it out (like on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) when Kidd called her out – even Ross had her back but Kidd did the Kellie’s Wrong Dance anyway – y’all know I love me some Kellie Rasberry, but watching Kidd do the KRD does make me happy


Kidd has said “cute” about 10 times this week – to balance it out, he’s skinning a deer in his office – yeah right!


Kidd was all proud of himself because he spotaneouesly said “Because he’s ROSSOME” in reference to Ross – when the show tried to call him on his cheesiness, Kidd said it was his catchphrase and he could alter it if he wanted – except Aly in the Chat Room came up with Rossome around  7:19am – and tigernamedtony made up rosstastic – so you’re kind of late dude


Endorsements are crazy for shooting – Kidd talking about the Olympic gold medalist for “shooting”


Kellie injured herself this morning and drew blood

Big Al says there is no need to be naked old guy in the gym

J Si has learned the difference between a real and a fake diamond

Shanon hopes she’s able to share her Footloose video with the world – because it’s fabulous

Shanon tried to learn the Footloose dance so that she could clear the dance floor and perform it at 80s night at the club – I could tell you the whole story but it’s nearly as entertaining as the video itself


ROSS!!!  I hope Ross is prepared to step it up because Tigernamedtony07 is expecting “ross to be a pizza man today and deliver” – what was supposed to be Ross telling us all about himself turned into a major discussion on whether or not it’s okay for guys to name inanimate objects – Ross won Kidd’s heart by telling him that he just got a new I Mac – but Ross lost him when he said he named his 24″ I Mac, Natasha – Kidd maintained that it was less than manly to name stuff – to which J Si responded with “Oh please, Outfit Boy” – that made me laugh!!  But J Si said it was okay to name stuff as long as you give it a girl name – unless it’s your PS3 – you can give that a guy name because that’s your boy, your homey – and just to prove his point – J Si shared that he named his car Carrie and his Playstation Thomas – if there was a Kidd’s Wrong Dance, we would have been doing it about now because every single call I took was from a guy saying that he named his car, guitar, computer, etc. and they all had girl names – so Kidd, you were wrong.


Tori Spelling quit the remake of 90210

Denise Richards will not be on “Dancing With the Stars”

Britney Spears is doing an interview with OK! Magazine

Kate Hudson was moving too fast for Lance Armstrong

Hayden Panettiere’s dad is out on bail


Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer
Various Artists – Songs for Tibet: The Art of Peace
New Kids on the Block – Greatest Hits
Extreme – Saudades de Rock

Kidd and Ross hung out yesterday and Ross came up with a plan to steal Kidd’s Rock Band back from J Si – so they headed over to J Si’s and “kidnapped” Kinsey and forced her to participate in their scheme by stuffing a sock in her mouth – I don’t know if it was clean or used or what – but that just sounds nasty!!  Anyway, while they were at J Si’s they went through his room and found all kinds of weird stuff – which shouldn’t be a big surprise knowing how weird J Si is!!  they almost got busted on the way out of the parking garage but Kidd with his quick thinking/great lying told J Si they were filming something about his wisdom teeth – and J Si aka Mr. Oblivious fell for it – so imagine how surprised he was when they brought in the Rock Band this morning – ha-ha-ha!!!  Oh well – it wasn’t J Si’s game to begin with – though I seriously doubt that Kidd will be hosting and Rock Band tournaments at the house anytime soon – it’s just going to sit around and collect dust – but that’s okay, this whole scheme got us this great video – and isn’t that what’s really important??


YAY!!!  I LOVE Kellie’s Diary – why?  Because Kidd does the Kellie voice and that’s what makes the diary so great – ao last week Kellie had her worst date ever – and it was all her fault – Kellie has a really bad sinus infection but had to go to a fundraiser for Kidd’s Kids – so she and Mr. Date were going to make an appearance at the event and then head out to dinner – and it seemed like everything was going okay until something flew into Kellie’s eye which caused her to cry for about 10 minutes before she finally took off for the bathroom to retrieve the foreign object from her eye – then she grabbed an hor d’oeuvres while Mr. Date took off to get them some wine – everything’s great, right – yeah until Kellie began choking on the hor d’oeuvre and go into a severe coughing fit – she was coughing so violently that Kellie thought she was going to throw up – so she took off for the bathroom again – by this time she had coughed her way into a new voice and had cried off all of her makeup and Mr. Date still wanted to take her to dinner – but during dinner, Kellie’s nose stopped up thanks to her sinus infection and she turned into Miss Mouth Breather – that’s attractive – somehow she made it through dinner – but no kissy-kissy for her – instead, Mr. Date offered up the excuse that he was leaving for the Grand Canyon the next morning – now THAT’S a bad blow off!!  Mr. Date did call the next day to make sure that Kellie was alive but Kellie doesn’t think he’ll ever ask her out again because she hasn’t heard from him since …


Kellie’s bad date prompted us to take calls on your worst date – but instead of bad dates where your date sucked, we wanted to hear from people who ruined their own first dates – I have to admit, here were some really good ones – like the guy who didn’t realize that he didn’t have enough money to cover the bill – then when he tried to explain it to the waiter, the waiter fronted him out in front of his date!!  Then there was the girl that puked 3 times during dinner and one of those times was almost on her date – and the girl who had pictures of her vacation with her ex in her purse – when they fell out, her date asked about them and she proceeded to have a breakdown, complete with tears, in front of her date – there was the OCD girl who had to order a whole new plate of food after her date touched it – and the girl that was drunk before her date picked her up – there was a guy that knocked out his date with his elbow while they were doing some Tejano dancing – and then the kickers – the girl who got into a fight with some random drunk chick who was hitting her car with a hammer – then there was the girl who got really drunk on her date with Redneck Steve (and Big AL) – and Al couldn’t remember the date – and the guy that punched his date in the boob and accidentally pulled her skirt down when he tripped while trying to hand her a drink – they’re married now, for the record!!  2 funny calls that didn’t make it on air – the girl who backed her dates truck into a car – she ended up getting arrested because she was underage and the police called her husband – then there was the guy whose male date left him in the movie theater after he screamed in the middle of the scary movie – yeah, that would’ve been enough to make me leave you too!


#5 – Hayden Panetierre’s dad is out on bail

#4 – Lance Armstrong dumped Kate Hudson because she wanted to get serious

#3 – Sean Paul busted on drug charges at a reggae concert in Sweden

#2 – Barack Obama asked Joss Stone to do his campaign song

#1 – Disability groups are boycotting Ben Stiller’s movie because of the use of the word retard


Freddy is back in New York with his mom and with everything that has been going on – he hasn’t really been paying attention to all of this things that are going on in the world – he hasn’t been very aware of the world affairs or politics – but all of that has changed and Freddy was inspired to write the song “We’re Not Going Down – it’s really inspiring and you can check it out here


If you’ve ever met Ross in person, you’ve probably noticed that Ross is a big guy – and until today, I never noticed just how big – Ross weighs 492 pounds – I never would’ve guessed – and I’m not sure why – maybe because I’m not good at guessing weight – maybe because I first met Ross in a Chat Room – maybe because Ross’ personality is much bigger than his body could ever physically be – whatever the case, the fact remains that Ross is a big guy – and while he hasn’t always been this big and he doesn’t currently have any health problems, that probably won’t always be the case – so Ross has decided to take control of his weight and his life and do something about it – he has decided to have lap band surgery and he’s already started the process – Ross has tried to lose the weight the “right” way and this is pretty much a last resort for him – Ross knows that he needs to make a change and he’s 100% committed to it – and maybe that’s why his story touched us so much – but it didn’t touch anyone the way it touched Kidd – while Kidd was reading Ross’ story (which you can read here), he asked for help in getting the lap band done for Ross because it won’t be covered by insurance – and then he did something that Kidd rarely does – he offered to pay for the procedure himself if we couldn’t find someone to do it – I was blown away – I’ve seen Kidd do some really generous things in my time as a listener and while working here – but this is a really expensive surgery – but Kidd is the kind of person that knows how one thing can change your life forever – and I think that’s why he offered this up for Ross – it’s not often you come across people who are really, really good – and Ross is definitely one of the good – this is the kind of thing that can give Ross’ life a total 180 – and I for one, can’t wait to watch it all unfold!!

Poor Big Al – usually when we need someone to run to the deli, there’s a whole crew of people standing around – but our “crew” has dwindled over the last week or two – so Big Al decided to send Anna, J Si’s Fantasy Fan, who was watching the show today – and because Big Al is big time – he gave her his credit card – which means “Breakfast is On Big Al” – thanks Al – I’ll have some Chee-TOES please!!!

The show ended with Ross (of course) but not before he had his celebrity interview with iCarly aka Miranda Cosgrove – it was a decent interview, though it could have been a little more conversational – Ross seemed really well prepared – despite the fact that he dropped his iPhone that had all of his questions on it – and he ended the interview awkwardly – but I’ll blame that on Big Al – because he’s the one that gave the “so make them feel comfortable – something positive that you know that they did and they know that they’re very fond to them” advice –

Private note to Ross:  For future reference, Al’s advice is never a “do”, it’s always a “don’t”!!



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  1. Loved it.. but Rossome was from 08/08/08… from the mb peeps.. i think it was sonia… just saying 🙂

  2. Actually… I did the interview on Sunday, no Big Al present. There was a Josh siting but no Big Al. So I didn’t take his advice, just really didn’t know how to close the interview considering I had dropped my stupid iphone during the interview!

    Private note to Shanon – You ROCK!!!! Way to give me the confidence that I could actually do this! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you do!

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