we’re not #1, God is!!!

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J Si’s use of the word “parking structure” – um, you mean parking garage??


“I appreciate the attention from 19 years olds to 36” – Kellie in response to the Love Letter to her


“Are you ready Bub??”  (Bub??  Who says Bub??) – Kidd to Jason about being on the show tomorrow


Kellie texted Kidd last night to tell him that she was impressed with his acting skills on the video with Ross – Kidd tried to play it off like Kellie NEVER compliments him and fished for another one by saying, “Tell me another time you complimented me” – and of course Kellie couldn’t come up with one specific time …


Kellie had the wrong day all day yesterday because Shanon used a page from her calendar as scratch paper

J Si is apologizing on behalf of all the white girls in his life

Shanon thinks she has social anxiety


John Mayer dumped Jennifer Aniston after being on “a break”

Lenny Kravitz may be the new front man for Velvet Revolver

Jay-Z is selling half of his 40/40 sports club for $44 million

A random actor from 40 Year Old Virgin has been arrested for stabbing his girlfriend 20 times

Tom Cruise has been replaced by Angelina Jolie in a new spy movie


When Kellie dated Freddy, she went to a lot of his fights – and of course when the fight is over, you’re supposed to run up and hug and kiss your man – even if he’s covered in blood, sweat and tears – and Kellie was saying how she could never do that because she was too wigged out by all the grossness – and then she’d see all those hot looking girls – and Kidd interjected “The ones kissing Freddy?” – BWAAAAHHHHHHHHH


19 year old Dylan wrote a love letter offering to be Kellie’s next ex-husband – we called him so he could profess his love – but if you ask me, he wrote that letter just to get on the show – because he could not have seemed less interested in Kellie or the fact that he was on the show – he wasn’t even listening – but he did get extra points for saying “yes sir” and he prompted Kellie to admit that she will beat Emma Kelly – so maybe it was worth it after all

In other Love Letter News

Your ex-girlfriend/best friend can love you but not be in love with you – that’s why she’s dating other people!

If you’re making yourself “available” to your female friend at work, your girlfriend is right to be mad

If you’re 21, getting divorced and have already fallen in love with someone else, you need to slow your roll

If your husband has excessive amounts of saliva, see a doctor


So here’s where we really got to know Anna – apparently she is really, really smart – she got an 1160 on her SAT and made a 30 on the ACT – she took the GRE because she wants to go to grad school to get her Masters in Art Administration – she also knows a little bit about rap music but she’s not really good at free styling – and neither is J Si – which is why he writes all of his raps – so since Anna is J Si’s Fantasy Fan, he took her to Chick-Fil-A for a Hip-Hop Drive Thru and she was pretty good – Kidd was also impressed with Anna’s hip-hop skills and asked “where’d you get all that hood?” – apparently, she went to a “racially diverse” high school – plus she was a cheerleader and she had mad cheering skills with cheers like “It’s hot – it’s whut?  it’s hot – it’s whut?  it’s hot up in here” – too bad that was no contest from the most popular cheer at Florence Christian High School “We’re not number  1 -God is!!” – Kellie later said this wasn’t an actual cheer from her cheerleading days, but it was true that they weren’t allowed to say “We’re Number 1” – because of course you can’t put yourself before God!!  And since Kellie couldn’t come up with an actual cheer – the fake Kellie Rasberry appeared with “real” cheers from Florence Christian – cheers like …

“You can’t beat us no matter what you do

We gonna be so much better than you

You know no matter what you say we’re right

Even if we both lose – it don’t matter cause we’re white!!!”

And then the socially conscious

“We’re white, we’re white

We’re so, so white

We’re white, we’re white

We have massive economic advantages over you”

Can you say seriously rolling on the floor laughing my butt off – Kidd honestly made my stomach hurt with that one – Kellie tried to defend herself saying that Florence Christian did have one black student – a girl names Dolores Howard – and even though Kellie has lost touch with Dolores, she was really good friends with her back in the day – of course the funny part wasn’t that Kellie had a black friend – it was that Al asked Kellie “How many sentences started with bring me or fetch me” when talking to her


Anna wants to leave Tallahassee to pursue her art career but her boyfriend of  4 years isn’t ready to leave yet – the question is whether or not they will be able to maintain a long distance relationship while she’s in Chicago or New York – we had 2 callers that had advice – one said that she and her now husband dated long distance overseas for 2 years and now they’ve been married for three – then we had the overly optimistic caller who said, “break up now” because it was inevitable that he would cheat on her so she might as well get it over with upfront!!  Yeah, good luck with that!!


Who would have thought that school supply list could cause so much controversy – I don’t have a kid in school but as a lover of school and office supplies, I know how expensive they can be – I can also see both sides of this argument – yesterday we asked for people to send us the ridiculously long (and just ridiculous) School Supply Lists that their kids have and today, Kidd read them on the air – some of them were standard lists, but some of them got to the point where they were downright ridiculous – shaving cream, dry erase markers, toilet paper – I get why some of this stuff is necessary – though this whole idea of parents having to shell out big bucks for school supplies is just ridiculous – I had this long conversation with a teacher who called in too late to get on air – while she did have a couple of valid points, she was so busy trying to tell me why Kidd was a jerk for saying teachers were stealing school supplies – she couldn’t be bothered to listen to anything I was saying – her point was that teachers shouldn’t have to come out of their pockets to spend money on supplies for the classroom and that the school districts implement these programs that require things like glitter glue and shaving cream – and that parents shouldn’t mind spending $50-60 when it goes to help their children – I agreed that teachers shouldn’t have to spend their money and tried to tell her that the blame goes back to the school district and the state for not allocating enough money towards supplies – as citizens, we pay taxes to support the public school system, so things outside of the standard paper and pens should be supplied by the school and that $50-60 adds up for families with multiple children – especially when so many people are struggling to make ends meet – there really is no right or wrong answer to this one – I realize that kids get bored and teachers have to come up with creative ways to teach – and I get that there are a lot of children with learning differences and disabilities and need to be taught in different ways – but “requiring” parents to spend $100 on supplies that may or not be used by the kid isn’t right either – I live in a state that has a lottery and taxes that are supposed to be sent right back to education – but I’ve yet to see any sweeping improvements – I think the real question needs to be directed back to the state and administration and find out just where all this money is going – then maybe the people who really need the money (teachers and parents) can hang on to a little more of it!


For the Wiidnesday contest, you had to guess which artist sang the Wii song


We Belong Together

We Are Family

We Belong

We Are the World


Mariah Carey

Sister Sledge

Pat Benetar

Michael Jackson

Surprisingly enough, the first caller got all 4 songs immediately – so Kidd had the rest of the show guess the remaining songs – the first one was We Don’t Need Another Hero by Tina Turner – it took Al a minute to remember Tina’s name so he immediately accused Al of cheating and said that someone had given Al the answers in his headphones – now, I know that no one gave Al the answers because the only person that ever helped Al was Troy – and since he’s no longer here, Al is on his own – the next song was “We Got the Beat”  – J Si guessed Debbie – WHO?  Kellie obviously knew it but Kidd wasn’t about to let Al make it on not knowing the artist so he bet his life that Al wouldn’t get it – actually, his exact words were, “I’ll bet … my life – that Al won’t get this!” and then stood there looking all smug – and then God smiled on Al because he suddenly said, “The Go-Go’s!” – BWWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!  ” Kidd you gotta die” Kellie said – and Shanon tried to be nice and politely asked, “How do you want your life to be taken” – but I guess Kidd didn’t think it was nearly as funny as everyone else did – cause he just moved on to the next song


#5 – Billy Bob Thornton will play Freddy Krueger in the new Nightmare on Elm Street

#4 – Chase Crawford says Gossip Girls is not a bad influence on teens

#3 – Paris Hilton is being sued for not promoting her movie

#2 – John Mayer has dumped Jennifer Aniston

#1 – Carrie Underwood says Tony Romo still calls her even though he is dating Jessica Simpson


You know what would be great – if someone on the show was actually watching the Olympics – because I’m watching it – and so is everyone I know – I wanted to pop Kidd in the head when he said that it was Alicia Sacramone’s fault that the women lost the gold medal – yeah she messed up twice, but even if we hadn’t had those deductions, we still wouldn’t have had enough points to beat China – it would’ve been a smaller margin but we still wouldn’t have beat them – and the Chinese women weren’t perfect – they had a couple of mistakes and even if the USA women had been perfect, we still would’ve needed another big mistake on China’s part because of their level of difficulty and start values – I felt so bad for Alicis because you know she felt like it was all her fault – I don’t care how bad she screwed up – that is WAY too much pressure to put on an 18 year olds’ shoulders – and was I the only one who heard Bela throw out the slam against the underage Chinese women – too funny – those girls are 12 years old and they know it!  Anyway, I love the Olympics and I miss the days back when they showed all the events – even the teams that weren’t going to medal – now we just get to see a few highlights here and there – even if they aren’t the teams that are going to medal, they’re still the best in their countries – and that translates to the best in the world – and who doesn’t want to see that??

iTunes Top 5

5. Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl
4. The Game & Lil Wayne – MY Life

3. Jonas Brothers – Burnin’ Up

2. M.I.A. – Paper Planes

1. Rihanna – Disturbia


Kellie said that the Duran Duran video Rio was filmed in Sri Lanka – but it was actually filmed in Antigua – after Kidd did the dance, Kellie still refused to say that she was wrong – because they did film one of their videos in Sri Lanka

and now for the very first time, recorded forever in history, the KELLIE’S WRONG DANCE



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  1. Back to back days with the Kellie’s wrong dance… Can tomorrow be the hat trick?

    Great remix dianthe!!!

  2. I hear ya on the school supplies…..my first grader needed 24 glue sticks! 24!!!??!!!???? Are they eating them for snack?

    The other thing that bothers me is when they ask for specific brands & colors of items, because all the teachers do that and the stores run out! Should I really be expected to go to 4 walmarts, target and the teacher supply store to get everything on the list?

    I have heard that some PTOs put school supply bundles together and you just pay a fee. What I would give for our PTO to break out of their “I’m a better SAHM competition” for just a minute and do something useful like that.

  3. My neice has to buy supplies in bulk like that, too. The purpose is to provide enough for every child in the class. Each child is given different items to order

  4. I love the remix – it is hilarious!

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