it’s Wednesday and we’ve hit a wall

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“You weren’t watching CBS this morning were you?” – Big Al – um, no Al – we were all getting ready for work


Could be as good as Tiger Woods in 5 years – even though Tiger started golfing at the age of 5 and J Si has never golfed a day in his life


You gotta go do cancer stuff to be manly – Kellie


Kellie negotiated whether or not to take a shower this morning

Big Al is worried because a Category 2 Hurricane is headed to Playa del Carmen

J Si thought moving one apartment away would be easy

Shanon’s dinner was interrupted by all over body itching

Kidd witnessed a girl hit on Shanon


J Si honestly think that with practicing 8 hours of day, he could be an Olympic gold medalist like Michael Phelps – or anything else – why?  because it doesn’t take talent  – J Si thinks he could do anything as good as anyone else as long as he could practice – so we’re going to come up with something for J Si to attempt and see if he can get “really good” at something – so far our suggestions are qymnastics, extreme fighting, karate and 10 second 100m hurdle – I’ll be sure to take pictures of this when it happens


Lindsay Lohan’s dad thinks Lindsay is drinking again

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have broken up

Dawn of Danity Kane may be getting a solo career

Dr. Dre’s son died over the weekend


Blackmailing your baby daddy into staying with you instead of accepting the fact that he doesn’t want you is stupid

If you’re so concerned about losing your identity that you can’t change your last name, maybe you shouldn’t get married

If your wife can’t sleep without you, get her a body pillow


This basically consisted of a montage of all of Big Al’s random noises played in theater while he’s at the podium – I’ll just thank Ross for fillin gin when I was left speechless, “Let’s just say, you know how Hillary says “Yes we can?”… well after Al’s speech she will say, “No he DIDN’T!” and there you  have it


In honor of the VMA contest, everyone on the show is sharing their biggest train wreck moment – today was Kellie’s – back when Kellie was fresh off one of her many break ups with Freddie (her now ex-husband) – Kellie was supposed to  go out with Big Al – and of course Al being Al, completely missed dinner – and Kellie, being super sad because she didn’t have Freddie and feeling rejected by Big Al, decided to laod it up with the Apple Martinis – not 4, not 6, at last count there were 7 or 8  Apple Martinis – maybe you don’t know but 12 drink Kellie is cool – 3 drink Kellie is fun – 4- maybe you don’t know but 12 drink Kellie is cool – 3 drink Kellie is fun – 4 drink Kellie DRUNKITY DRUNK DRUNK!!!   Kellie, who had been waiting on Al all night long – was SUPA’ drunk by the time Al met her at the club – and Kellie went from drunk to nearly passed out minutes after Al got there – so Big Al took care of her right – um, no – did he take her home?  no – did he call her a cab?  no – instead he left Kellie in her car with the keys on the floorboard and watched by the hot dog vendor – good lookin’ out Al – Al tried to make it better out that Kellie wasn’t going anywhere and that he knew the Hot Dog Dude – um, how well can you know him if his name is Hot Dog Dude


This bit was a little ironic considering that our show consists of men that tend to be a tad bit (or more) on the “girly” side – so when Kidd read off the list of “Things Guys Are Not Allowed To Do”, I knew we’d have more hits than misses:

Flip through women’s magazine – everyone on the show does this

Drink girly drinks – Al and J Si

Cuddle and use pet names – they all do this

Aren’t afraid to acknowledge other guys’ looks – they won’t admit it but they all do this

Have had a spa day at some point in their life – um, Big Al – Mr. Mani/Pedi with the shiny nails

Have purchased potpourri – oh Kidd – you know this is you!!

Have a body pillow – duh.

Blow dry or flat iron their hair daily – I thought this was no one until J Si said “well not daily …”

Might wear Juicy (Al is wearing Juicy RIGHT NOW!!)

Own stuffed animals – um, i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves

yes – that’s a banana l is eating while posing with his green monkey *le sigh*

Then we went to the phones …

Elizabeth’s boyfriend asks her if he looks fat – then asks her friends for confirmation

One woman’s husband chemically straightens his uncontrollably curly hair

Kristen’s husband Jamie Ellingsworth of New Orleans (yes she called him pout like that) does his hair before he goes to the gym – we’re talking full on washing, blow drying and the use of hair products

Jamie’s husband knows all of the N’Sync dances – um, so does J Si!!!

Kimberly’s boyfriend (from the Chat Room) and his best friend (also male) split ice cream at Marble Slab. One bowl. 2 spoons. HUH???

And Sarah’s husband listens to Melissa Ethereidge while he cleans the house – he also paints his nails with color – and she caught him putting glitter on his face and wearing her bra – um, Sarah – I hate to break it to you – but your husband Ian – well, I’ll let Ross tell you – “Ian…Ian…do you know what they told me….they told me you were….gaaaaay!”


Never heard of them before today but I really liked them – they performed “You Got Me” and they were great – I’ll definitely be checking out that CD when it comes out on September 16th – plus, they walked through the whole office and introduced themselves to the entire staff – very cool!


Z Man looks like Snoop Dogg except he has long dreads down to his tailbone instead of braids and I touched it

MDA is inspired by Ambrosia and The Doobie Brothers

The band participated in a remix contest with Ludacris

And although Kidd didn’t actually discover the band, we were their first nationally syndicated performance


#5 – Sporty Spice is pregnant and she has had a boyfriend for 6 years

#4 – Justin Long was destroyed when Drew Barrymore dumped him but is now dating Kirsten Dunst

#3 – Dr. Dre’s 20 year old son passed away over the weekend

#2 – Lil Wayne missed his court date because his mouth hurt

#1 – After one season, Denise Richards’ reality show has been canceled


British Guy Jack has been reinvented as Sexy Jack – and apparently his roommate is not down with the new name – I think his roommate’s exact words were, “dude, if you go by Sexy Jack one more time, I swear we’re not friends anymore” – aw, poor Jack – that’s okay – you can come in here and say sexy British things to us and we’ll be your friends – Josie says Jack’s voice is “ear candy” – um, YEAH!!  and did you know that Sexy jack used to be a professional rugby player – um, I think that makes him even hotter – I don’t care if he used self tanner once or twice – he’s still Sexy Jack


Al has a date tonight … with a doctor – the shock sent Abbeym into a tailspin, “OMG, is he sure it’s a date and not an appt”  BWAAHHH!!  there is not enough time … there are so many places I could go with this – but I’m gonna save it until tomorrow – one guess as to where Al met this doctor – well, duh.  Primo’s – and I’m assuming that she is SMOKIN’ hot – because why else would Al not ask what kind of doctor she is – he says she’s a medical doctor and not a PhD, but with Al – you never know – she might be 21 and pre-med!  Suffice it to say that Al knows practically nothing about her other than the fact that she’s a doctor – though like Josie pointed out, “I’m sure Al has practice PLAYING doctor !”  – so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more info – and while it may be premature – we tried to come up with a name for Al’s new doctor – um, Doctrina?  Appendica?  Gastrointestica?   Orthopedica?  Prostatica?  TurnAndCoughica?  DING DING DING!!!

The Chat Room didn’t seem to appreciate the fact that I predicted failure for Al and his Doctor Date – in fact, there were a few people who called me mean – but you know what – I was just giving what God likes – TRUTH.  And the truth is that Big Al is known for his inability to carry on a conversation when he’s one-on-one – why do you think he always brings Redneck Steve with him – anyway, Mr. Architect asked, “SOOOO, how would Al fail on the first date?”  Fortunately, I didn’t have to answer because Pita was there with her witty response “lets count the ways – he could ride his bike – he could text her instead of talking to her – he could invite Redneck Steve with him” – see, I’m not the only one … i shouldn’t be mean – after all, look how excited Al is about his date

can’t wait to see what he looks like tomorrow …


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