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Columbus was a brotha’ – Big Al


The last time gas prices went up, Kidd came up with the PAMA idea – Park A Mile Away – Kidd came up with some sort of crazy calculation of how much gas we would save by parking a mile away – and then we would all lose weight because we’d have to walk a mile to and from everywhere we went – now Kidd says that the Today show called and wanted to have him on to discuss PAMA, but I think he might have created that in his head


Kidd is mad because Sexy Jack says “aeroplane” instead of “airplane” and Kellie defended him


“My brother was hot when he was in college – he had the best legs” – Kellie


“I like to show up – and I like to place” – Big Al


Kellie was hit on by a carnie

Big Al called in sick to the Ludacris listening party but didn’t call anyone to tell them

J Si said the “Knock Knock” Pirate joke just for me

Shanon is being stalked by the woman she’s having secretly

Sexy Jack saw his first ever skunk

6:12am – the moment where the wheels were shot off

6:36am – the moment where the show was completely derailed by Food Talk – Flaming Hot Cheetos  and The Volcano from Taco Bell


Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth are living together

Kanye will not apologize

Jamie Lynn Spears is focusing on Mommyhood instead of her career

NBC removed their SNL skit because of inappropriate language


I don’t watch The Biggest Loser, so I don’t know the nice chick who was on before Jillian – but I do have Jillian’s 30 Day Shred – and I’ve never done it – but I took it out of the package – so I guess she can’t yell at me for that, right?


We The Kings consists of Travis and Hunter and apparently they are huge practical jokers:

They threw 140 frozen hot dogs at Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship while they were singing their last song on stage

Rigged the doors on the Warped Tour buses so they would fly open on the highway

Banned from CVS whenever they dress up as ninjas

Hunter worked at Domino’s and they both worked at Subway

Performed “Check Yes Juliet”


Kelly Jo thinks that the sun is more important than the moon and Kinsey says we don’t need it because it’s already Iight outside – the funniest part of the conversation was when J Si tried to turn Kinsey’s “suck it” around on her and said, “YOU go outside and suck it” – then he immediately thought about it and said “no no no no no” – ha ha ha  – THAT’SWHATSHESAID!!!


OMG – all I can say is HOT HOT HOT!!!  Mark was on his way to do some TV so there wasn’t time for pictures – but Lindsay and I stood in the hall as he left and he told us to have a great day – thank you mark, I believe that I will!!

Other random info about the smoking hot Mark Wahlberg …

  • He brought the real E with him
  • He had the cast of Entourage and their real life counterparts hang out so they could get to know each other for the show
  • He tried to sell the show to directors and no one wanted it
  • He has never done a movie just for money
  • The bombs that he has made (Truth About Charlie and Planet of the Apes) were so that he could work with the directors
  • He didn’t turn down the Brokeback Mountain part because he’s a homophobe – Ang Lee never offered him the part
  • He thinks Ludacris is a good actor and thinks he’ll be one of the few rappers that will be able to balance music and movies
  • Um, did I mention that he is just so freaking HOT!!! Mark flexed his bicep and I’m pretty sure is caused an earthquake


#5 – Nick Nolte thinks the printer in his room started the fire at his house

#4 – Queen Latifah is not saying whether or not she’s gay

#3 – Britney’s body guards are accused of assaulting a female photographer

#2 – Katy Perry had an extremely strict Christian upbringing

#1 – Aubrey has been kicked out of Danity Kane for questioning Diddy


Luda is in town to promote Max Payne with Mark Wahlberg – but instead of coming in, he’s just doing a phone – Kidd tried to talk his limo driver into bringing Luda here, but we got trumped by TV – damn.


Pay close attention to the air quotes

Kidd is going to “Washington” to “work” on a “financial bail out program”, so he’ll be gone Monday and Tuesday – feel free to replace the air quoted words with words like beer cart girl, greens, 3 over par, birdie – I’m not trying to call anyone out – but I could’ve sworn I saw golf clubs in Kidd’s office this morning – I’m just sayin’ …


Today’s challenge had J Si going up against Big Al, yet again – but this time, size and strength had no bearing on the contest – unless you count an iron stomach – Shanon brought in 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts – a box for J Si and a box for Big Al – so would J Si Mexi-Can or Mexi-Can’t eat more donuts than Big Al in 10 minutes – and before you make your decision, I should probably point out that Kidd added blue squeeze frosting in a can to the donuts – my stomach hurts just thinking about it – yuck.  So the contestant chooses Mexican and the donut eating begins – and right off the bat, Al is kicking J Si’s narrow behind – J Si is taking his time and Al is stuffing donuts in his mouth – in the first few minutes, Al was already leading J Si by 3 donuts – and about that time, Al started to get sick – but he wasn’t about to quit – J Si on the other hand really had to step it up – so he started mashing the donuts together like a sandwich – then Kidd told him that dipping them in water would help – so J Si began to dip his donuts in water like it was coffee – that was a bad idea because then it became nothing more than donuts in water – ew – by the time we came back from the break, J Si was puking donuts in the bathroom like a wuss and Al was propped up in the corner about to keel over – 3 days in, and just like that, J Si went from Mexi-can to Mexi-CAN’T!!

cause Krispy Kremes aren’t sweet enough

J Si taking his time

double fisting it early on

a donut sandwich??

Big Al hanging in there

J Si officially losing – or losing “it”

here’s what Big Al had left

and here’s what J Si had left – ew.


Disappointing.  His phone sucked and he basically just wanted to promote his movies and his new CD – Kidd asked him about his political rap – the one where Luda called Hillary Clinton a B – and he respectfully declined further comment as he doesn’t want to distract from the campaign – I thought that was Good Looking Out on Luda’s part – considering how tacky and offensive the rap was – but I’ve forgiven him – partly because he’s so freaking HOT!!!  And since I couldn’t see him through the phone – well, the interview pretty much sucked

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m going to work on my very own personal bail out plan – it’s going to be take about 5 days – and instead of working in Washington, I’ll be in Crumpler NC – and instead of working with the government – I’ll be with 10 of my closest girls – I’m totally freaked out about leaving Sydney for that long – but mama needs some me time – and I will definitely  be updating my blog – check out my Kiddnation page also because there are bound to be scandalous pictures and video – but there won’t be a Remix until Tuesday when I get back – so I expect y’all to keep me in the loop – if something serious goes down – shoot me a message!



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  1. Shout out to my peeps in Crumpler!

  2. Oh, there will definitely be scandalous pictures. I will be taking them and blackmailing you all later.

  3. We are going to get CRUMP in Crumpler – WOOT!!!

  4. Crumpler here we come! That town will never knew what hit them.

  5. I will not be partaking in the scandalous pictures TYVM!

  6. Crumpler babes are better than Crum-y babes!

  7. S-C-A-N-D-A-L-O-U-S!!!
    I can’t wait!!!!

  8. Have a great vacation Dianthe!!! I will miss your remix 😦 We will try to be good chatters, “try” being the operative word, hahahahahaa…Good luck Ben 😉

    love ya bunches

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