Bean Pie Chuck!!!!

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Shanon admitting that she did not change the sheets when she and the guy that slept on her couch switched beds


Kellie woke up hungry and that’s never a good sign

Big Al had a blind date last night

J Si’s practical joke backfired on him

Shanon is glad that Cappy didn’t buy into Naked Day today

Sexy Jack is happy with his results from the Halloween Costume contest

Cappy’s daughter Alex lost the password for her Webkins and he wouldn’t look it up for her – 2 words – Bad Dad!!


J Si was watching the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel use his son Ben to pull pranks on each other – J Si decided to use one of them because he’s not done getting back at Kinsey for writing on his face when he passed out on her birthday – so he put Saran Wrap on the toilet and waited … he had to leave and go to his voice lesson and when he got home, Kinsey still hadn’t used the bathroom, so he laid down to take a nap – of course when J Si woke up, he naturally had to pee – so what did he do?  He walked into the bathroom – but he obviously forgot about the Saran Wrap – and as he “took care of business”, his business began to splash off the Saran Wrap all over his feet, the wall, the toilet … and you know how when you start to go sometimes you just can’t stop – BWAAAAHHHHH!!!  pee pee everywhere – I’ve got a new nickname for J Si – J Pee Pee – between the Saran Wrap and the peeing in bottles – I think it fits!!


Miley Cyrus is writing her autobiography

DJ AM is returning to work

Sources say The Hills may be coming to an end

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are really getting a divorce


If your husband is checking out girlie pics instead of you, make the effort to be more attractive to him

If your 19 year old boyfriend is still jealous after 3 years of dating, you’re gonna end up breaking up soon

If your husband’s best friend is living on your couch and there’s no end in sight, you need to kick him to the curb


Womanizer and the New Kids On the Block Christmas – Cappy

Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne

Mrs. Officer – Lil Wayne – Big Al

Got Money – Lil Wayne – J Si

SO What – Pink – Sexy Jack

Hot and Cold – Katy Perry

Whatever You Like – T.I.

It’s Not My Time – 3 Doors Down

Pocket Full of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

The Right Stuff – New Kids on the Block

In The Air – Flo-Rida


Al’s 17 year old son, Payton, had an incident with a telephone pole a while back and totaled his car – so Al bought him a new one – there was some confusion on how to get the car to Payton in Kansas City and finally Al decided he would pay someone to drive the car to Kansas City – except he didn’t really have anyone – so he asked some random dude named Jomo that he met in a bar – HUH???  Who does that?  Who hires a total stranger to drive your brand new car 500 miles away?  Oh, that’s right – we’re talking about Big Al … this was such a random story that everyone had questions – Kellie wanted to know how much Jomo was getting paid and I wanted to know why he was buying his 17 year old son (who has already totaled one car) a brand new freaking truck – Al wouldn’t say how much he was paying Jomo and his excuse for the new car was that he would end up having to pay for any repairs on an older car – I pointed out that Al always had to work and buy his own cars when he was a teenager but I guess it was too late since the car is already here – I’m not hating – I just hope Payton appreciates it – and I damn sure hope he doesn’t wreck this car too!


A listener set Al up with a friend of hers because she felt bad that Al got stood up Friday night – who did she set him up with?

a.       A semi hot architect

b.      A really hot hooters girl

c.       A medium hot lawyer

Kellie did a voice over for a casino yesterday and her biggest fear was …

a.       Her horrible gas would return

b.      She would have a coughing fit

c.       Her Daddy would find out she was reading for a casino and she would be a huge disappointment

Kinsey and Kelly Jo got into a heated debate yesterday over …

a.       Pro life vs pro choice

b.      McCain vs Obama or

c.       Red Bull causing cancer vs. coffee killing you

Shanon has been having a secret competition with a few women at the gym and yesterday when she went to the gym

a.       The women weren’t there and Shanon thinks it’s because she beat them and their ugly butts will never come back

b.      The women confronted her and said she was a crazy nut and to leave them alone

c.       Shanon decided she was the crazy one and should let it go


1.       C

2.       B

3.       C

4.       A


It looks like all Kidd’s golfing economic bailout lobbying paid off because when he comes back tomorrow, we’re giving away $1000 every freaking hour – and it’s gonna be so ding dang easy, it’s ridiculous – none of that guessing the celebrity or answering random trivia – you just have to be the right caller – that’s it – Kidd says “call now” and you pick up the phone, dial 800-543-3548, be the right caller and you win – easy peasy!


BO-RING – but it wasn’t the show’s fault – I just find her to be completely uninteresting – too bad, because I really like her character on Desperate Housewives – but her personally?  she’s got nothing – she called to promote her celebrity golf tournament that benefits her charity, Eva’s Heroes – it sounds like a cool charity – it’s an after school program for kids with disabilities – one of Eva’s sisters has a disability so the charity means a lot to her – anyway, if you’re in San Antonio, the tournament is at La Cantera on  October 18th – and if you don’t golf, you can just buy a ticket to the fashion show and auction afterwards – there will be celebrities everywhere so if you meet any, call us and tell us all about it!!


#5 – Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing

#4 – DJ AM will be joining Jay-Z on stage – TONIGHT!

#3 – Miley Cyrus has just finished writing her memoirs

#2 – Janet Jackson’s mystery illness has been revealed to be migraines

#1 – Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan are engaged … allegedly


for some reason, Kidd hates Match Game – but everyone else loves it –  so since he was off golfing off solving the Personal Bailout problem, we took advantage and played the greatest game ever!!!

Question #1

While Kidd was away, J SI decided to get even with him by taking Kidd’s ________

The callers said … Barry Manilow CD and hair gel – The Show said … pirate shirt, 40 lb weight that Kidd only lifts when hot chicks are in the studio, man card, nose hair clippers and nose hair trimmers – no matches

Question #2

Big Al overslept and was so late for work that he just grabbed the ________ off the floor and ran out the door

The callers said … towel and dog bed – The Show said … wordy birdie costume, nameless ho he picked up the night before, huge whore one night stand, Redneck Steve and white chick – no matches

Question #3

Sexy Jack is so sexy that when he spoke to Kellie this morning, she _________

The callers said … hugged and kissed him and fainted – The Show said … she ohh’d, took off her clothes, stuck out her tongue and frenched him, “girl, you gotta hang out with me and get some sausage”, licked him up and down – 2 matches!!!

Question #4

Shanon is getting her own reality show on MTV – it’s called the ____________

The callers said … Psycho Hour and Lesbian Lover – The Show said … The Softball Team, The PMS Hour With Shanon, The Unibrow, The Lesbian and The Hottest Lesbian Ever Show – 2 matches!!

Question #5

The Republican National Committee just hired Kellie Rasberry to be the spokesperson for their Anti-_________ Campaign

The callers said … Men and boob job – The Show said … Rich Shertenlieb , celebrity interview, breastfeeding, bean pie CHUCK!! and Obama – no matches


After talking and texting to a girl for about a week, she stood Al up Friday night – and a listener/ friend heard the sotry and decided that she would fix Al up on a blind date with one of her friends – but I guess Al was still depressed about Friday’s debacle because he put absolutely NO effort into last night’s blind date – he wore the same thing he had been wearing all day long – he showed up about 30 minutes late, using the rationale that the date would probably be late too – then he asked her to meet him on the patio at Primo’s on their absolute busiest day of the week – um, good looking out?  Not so much!  Then while he’s sitting at the bar with Defendica(she’s an attorney), some random chick that Big Al sort of remembers (but mostly not) walks into the bar and starts to mark her territory with Al – while Al was talking to Defendica, this chick comes and stands between them and wants to show off her biceps to Al – seriously??  then she invites Al to a party (in front of Defendica), asks him to feel her bicep (in front of Defendica), and then leans in to kiss him goodbye … in front of Defendica – talk about Rudy Huxtable – then Al had his feeling shurt when Defendica had to leave to go to another date – can someone cue the “lonely, I’m so lonely” music??  Now in Al’s defense, Defendica referred to it as a “not” date – and Al talked to her after the “not” date – but I’m not holding out any hopes that this is going anywhere – it’ll just be another story in a long line of “How Inept Is Big Al?” stories – hmmm … I think we have a new bit!


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