He was murdered and set on fire while celebrating his birthday

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“I can’t remember the last time there was a movie about a president while he was still in office” – huh.


The Black League of Young Black Professional Black People Auction – Al volunteered for a celebrity auction but didn’t know that he had to line up people to bid on him – the guy before him when for 2 grand and Al ended up going for $50 – but only because some woman felt bad for him and probably wanted him to stop singing “Let’s Get It On”


Kellie wants to know who is going to be backup entertainment in case Elmo “the red tickle monster” doesn’t show

Big Al threw away a carton of orange juice dated January 8th

J Si took Jesus away from Andrew

Sexy Jack is willing to share his goodness because he’s in a jolly mood

Shanon is overwhelmed with


Make Damn Sure – Taking Back Sunday

Bye Bye – N’Sync

Boys – Britney Spears

Live Your Life – T.I. featuring Rihanna

Blue – Eiffel 65

Dance All Night To This DJ – Paul Oakenfold

Clocks – Coldplay

Mash Up – You Spin Me Round-Dead or Alive/Stronger-Kanye West

Disturbia – Rihanna

What A Man – Salt n Pepa


Sarah Palin will appear on SNL this weekend

Miley Cyrus is hooching around with her 20 year old boyfriend

DJ AM learned about a fatal blood clot

Nikki McKibbon says Simon Cowell’s criticism led to her downfall with drugs


We had to repo the show from an affiliate that didn’t pay their bill – so Kidd had to run and take the show in the middle of the night – and if you believe that – iorange called it when she said, “he’s too small to be a repo man!”


Is there anything better than the girls on the show laughing at the guys on the show?  Um, no!  which is why once I heard about the Guy Karaoke Challenge, I was completely on board – apparently there are 10 songs that guys can sing karaoke to and not be completely ridiculed – so we threw them in a cup and everyone had to draw which song they were going to sing

First up, Sexy Jack – his song was “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks – now, I don’t know many country songs – but having spent the greater part of my college years drinking beer in bars, this is one that I know – and despite what the Chat Room and Kellie and Shannon said, it’s pretty hard to screw this one up!  Of course, singing it in an overly countrified accent probably wasn’t his best idea, but can you really sing Garth Brooks with an English accent?

Next was Kidd who somehow ended up with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” – um, Kidd’s not really known for his higher register – and as soon as he started out, I could tell he was too high – but he reigned it in pretty quickly and pulled it out – well until he realized that he started the song at the wrong time and completely missed his mark – then he stopped the song and tried to jump back in on the chorus – but he just couldn’t get it together – but even with the snafu and the high pitched screaming at the end, I have to say, I think it was the very best Kidd Kraddick singing performance to date – I was impressed

We decided to make Big Al go last, so J Si went third and got the Rolling Stones – but from the look on his face, I get the feeling they weren’t singing a lot of “I Can’t Get NO … Satisfaction” in Mexico – he did okay but J Si had an unfair advantage because his karaoke bed had background vocals – so he pretty much sang along with the track which masked his vocals – and listening to it the second around – well, it wasn’t really that good – so he needed the background vocals

Then came Big Al Bon Jovi – how many times in his life do you think Al has sung “Livin On A Prayer?” – um, none??  You guessed it – he didn’t know where the song started and Shanon and Kidd had to count it off for him – and in the beginning, it really seemed like he was trying – but then he got to the chorus where he screams ‘WHOOOOOOOAAAA – we’re halfway there” – and it sounded like “WHOOO OOO AAARRH  GGHH OOO AAAAAAH” and then eerily like Big Al on the Mr. Freeze ride – yeah, not.good.

It was a hard decision – I didn’t think there was really a standout loser – personally, I thought the best was a tie between Jack and Kidd and the worst was a tie between Al and J Si – but the Chat Room agreed with Kellie and Shanon and Sexy Jack was crowned the loser – so all next week, Sexy Jack will have to make 5 phone calls a day to wish listeners happy birthday – here’s a sneak peek – I am watching Sexy Jack try to record it right now – and he’s using Andrew – trust me when I say there is comedy gold in the making!!


#5 – Aubrey O’Day is too slutalicious and Diddy has officially kicked her out of Danity Kane

#4 – Taylor Swift is listening to sad songs and talking to her cat after breaking up with Joe Jonas

#3 – DJ AM thinks the plane crash saved his life when doctors found a blood clot in his leg

#2 – Britney Spears is actually on trial for not having a California drivers license

#1 – John McCain apologized to David Letterman for bailing on him the last time


Hot Digital Songs – Womanizer – Britany Spears-
Mainstream Top 40 – So What – Pink
Hot Rap Tracks – Whatever You Like – TI
Hot Country Songs – Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven – Kenny Chesney
Hot R&B Songs – Spotlight – Jennifer Hudson


Max Payne – it’s getting bad reviews but I only have 2 words – Mark Wahlberg – enough.said.

Secret Lives of Bees – chick flick and hearing good things – I’m in!!!

W – a comedic look at George W by Oliver Stone – eh. Wait for it to come out on DVD

Sex Drive – I’m just gonna throw it out there – the premise is WAY funnier than the actual movie


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