Stay away from the cemetery!

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“How do I get A 3D avatar?” – Kellie

“It’s so easy and fun” – Shanon

“I’ll tell you after” – Kidd

“That’s another topic of discussion” – Kellie

“No it isn’t – we have a limited amount of time” – Kidd


Kidd was all proud of himself because he bought his new hoodie on sale at 80% off – I was proud of him to until I found out that regular price the hoodie was $350 – so even at 80% off, it was still $70 – for a hoodie??  And it already has a hole in it!  I’d be returning it and getting my $70 back!


Kellie wants to know who can you trust if you can’t trust a Persian rug dealer

Big Al has eliminated one more thing from the things he won’t be doing after Kidd fires him

J Si could think of one thing while he was locked out of his house – Andrew’s challenge that he could take J Si in boxing

Shanon sucked the life out of herself when she crouched down in the middle of the kickball game


Dino/Cappy/Aaron stepped up to the plate and scored us an interview with Barack Obama – pretty cool – especially since it’s 7 days before the election – the last time we had him on, he talked about girls being big fans of the Jonas Brothers – we reminded him of that conversation and Senator Obama said that the thing his girls are most excited about isn’t the possibility of him being president – it was meeting the Jonas Brothers!!   And if he does make it to the White House, the girls can bring posters of the Jonas Brothers to the White House, but no actual boys!!

We also let a listener ask a question and she had one I thought was pretty interesting – she said her family income is about $60,000 and wanted to know how the senator will be able to help her if he’s elected president – he said right off she could expect about a $1000 in tax relief and an addition al deduction on mortgage interest rates if she owns a home – if she has kids, a $4000 a year tuition credit in exchange for some type of national service – plus if she doesn’t have insurance, he wants to offer the opportunity to buy into the same health care pool he participates in – and if she currently has health care through her employer, he wants to lower the premiums

Other things Senator Obama told us

  • He hopes that the media will respect the privacy of his children if he wins
  • He and Michelle didn’t specifically discuss the dangers/risks to their families of being in the white house
  • The tax increase that he’s asking for is the same tax bracket that we had during Clinton’s term
  • And he’s rooting for the Phillies because his campaign manager (Pluff Daddy) is from Philly

After we talked to Senator Obama, we took a call from Carrie who was up in arms about us talking to Obama and not McCain and how we were a completely unfair liberal Democratic show – I guess she missed the part where Kellie a card-carrying Republican – we tried to explain to her that we had reached out to Senator McCain’s people several times and that they never responded – but she wasn’t hearing it – and no matter how many times we tried to tell her that we would love to have McCain on, she refused to hear what we were saying – and on top of that, she announced that she is no longer listening to our show!!!  Yeah, yeah – well Cali Mike said, “i won’t listen to Kidd Kraddick anymore because they don’t put Jack on more!” – see, we all have our issues


Nicole Richie wants to adopt a baby

LL Cool J has bailed on Janet Jackson’s tour

Lindsay Lohan’s dad told the media that he is no longer talking to the media

Julianne Hough is taking a week off DWTS to have her appendix removed


So the point of the game is to call us and trash your ex – if you can make it 4 minutes, you qualify for the trip – but if we tire of your story, we yell NEXT and move on to the next story

Sarah was first – her ex is a major in the air force, was married with 2 kids and was basically stalking her – he used government money to come see her … NEXT

Next was Nicole – she was married 7 years and had a daughter – her ex left her with 3 kids and took her car … NEXT

Then came Amber but her phone sucked so we never got to talk to her

Then there was Jessica – Jessica’s ex worked at a mortuary and she met him at her grandpa’s funeral – he used to steal flowers from people’s gravesites and give them to her as if had bought them – then he would pick her up for dates in a limo but it was the family limo from the funeral home – he gave her a couple of pieces of jewelry but he stole them from dead people – then when he got fired, he “accidentally” sold her tv while he was crashing on her couch – DING DING DING – QUALIFIER!!!


Can you believe there were people who actually admitted to stealing flowers from gravesites?  Multiple people- one girl called to say that her boyfriend used to bring her flowers all the time – she didn’t find out until later and now they’re getting married next year – net was the guy who saw a nice bouquet in a cemetery as he was on his way to pick up his first date – it was really pretty and in a box – they eventually got married and he still has the vase – too bad he never told her where it really came from – then we talked to a man who could only be described as “we do it a different way – we’re a Southern people” – he lives in Tennessee now but clearly has lived all over the South – he works in a mortuary and says people leave gifts at gravesites all the time even though they’re told not to – and because it gets really windy there – a lot of times arrangements blow all around the cemetery – and since they can’t tell where they belong, they just end up taking them home – wow.  That gives a totally new meaning to the phrase “you can’t take it with you!”


#5 – Only 2 members left in Danity Kane after Shannon left

#4 – The cops had to come and bust Kate Hudson’s Halloween party

#3 – Julianne Hough ahs endometriosis and is having her appendix removed

#2 – Madonna is going to adopt a second child from Malawi

#1 – Zac Efron got a phone call from Michael Jackson


Funhouse – Pink –
Cardinology – Ryan Adams -never heard of him …
That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy – Toby Keith – eh. Country is country – clearly I’m not a big country fan
Evolver  – John Legend – love the new single with Andre 2000
4:13 Dream – The Cure – aw, The Cure reminds me of high school and college!


We all have new emails at Kiddnation and we’ve had them for a couple of months – but Al just started checking his email yesterday – which means he hasn’t been using the new Kiddnation – at.all.  so why is it that Big Al still has a job?  Shanon’s theory was “Jesus loves him – that’s how” – well, there is that saying that God looks out for children and fools … but that wasn’t a good enough reason, so we asked listeners

He’s the second reason that Sunny listens to the show

He has the lowest intelligence level of anyone on the show and everyone knows that’s where we get the comedy relief

He is freaking awesome – um, okay.

Al is smoking hot and super charming – um, super okay …

Personally, I think iOrange had the best reason – “if Al was gone, who would they make fun of?” – ooh – good point.


Kellie’s dog George is staying with her friend Shanda during the never ending remodeling project – but that still leaves Tucker, Nanny Laura’s dog, at the house – now Tucker is a dog that has a lot of energy and normally Tucker and George entertain themselves and everything is fine – but Tucker is bored now that his friend is gone and has taken up rolling in the black dirt and grass to keep himself entertained – and that wouldn’t be that big if a deal except that Kellie has brand new furniture and Tucker wants to climb on it – hmm … Kidd is predicting death for Tucker and as upsetting as it might be, I think I might agree – after all, I know it’s been a while but Kellie was once known to scream the phrase “PUT HER DOWN!!!!”  sure, she’s all warm fuzzy momma Kellie now – but I think we all know that pets take a backseat when you have kids – out of sight, out of mind anyone??  I think the next statement is pretty telling – Kidd asked Kellie to describe a day without Tucker – her response – “fine” – yeah, Tucker’s on his way out – I mean all she has to do is let Big Al babysit – we all know his history with dogs – he over fed the dog to the point where she developed diabetes – and when she lost her eyesight due to said diabetes, he moved the furniture around and watched her run into it – then he left her outside when it was 18 degrees – and then left her (blind) outside in the middle of the night and went back inside – yep, if you’re tired of your dog – send him to Al’s – it’s the place that old dogs (and relationships) go to die.


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