my friend has that shirt

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If you’re listening Kim “Hey, Call me!!” – Kellie calling out to a childhood friend – um, should she call you at 800-KIDDLIVE?


Kellie describing eating fatback – mmmm … or not


“The only way you can be not gay is to be British” – Kidd


Kellie spent 30 minutes trying to get Emma Kelly to sing Pink

Big Al wants all the black people to go back to work today

J Si has Velcro strips on his underwear

Shanon is going to have whoever is parked in her spot towed

Jack wants to know if guys can wear Uggs


I’m gonna go ahead and attribute this to J Si – I mean, do we have anyone else on the show that can directly relate to 6 year olds on a day-to-day basis – just think, what do 6 year olds like?  Opening mail, folding clothes, dialing the phone – silly knock-knock jokes,  bodily humor jokes, punching each other in the private parts (boys only of course) – yep.  You can check J Si’s name off next to each one of those


Al called his mom to have her tell us what he did when he was 6 – um, thanks Al – we love talking to Dorabelle but I don’t think we needed her to recount that one time in life when you were shy


Little Andrew is a Movie Talker – and he freely admits it – the boys went to the movies last week in the middle of the day and put the obligatory seat between them – Andrew was sad because no one was sitting close enough to him for him to talk to during the movie – so maybe that’s why in the middle of the movie he yelled out, “my friend has that shirt, my friend has that shirt!!” – um, thanks for that info Andrew – I’m sure that 2 years from now, I’ll be glad I allowed that information to take up space in my brain


Justin and Britney are going to perform with Madonna tonight

Tina Fey is retiring the Sarah Palin character

Danny Bonaduce is paying $16,000 a month in spousal support

Ali Lohan is recording an album with the Maloofs


J Si has been doing a lot of singing on the show lately – what with the Bean and Cheese Productions and all – and he has a pretty decent voice – so Kidd decided to invest in J Si and get him some REAL vocal training – so why did the show erupt in unending laughter at J Si’s latest performance – to be fair, it’s not J Si’s fault – and it’s not bad – but one of the trademarks of J Si’s coach, Linda Septien, is the emotional growl – if you’ve ever heard Ryan Cabrera, Jessica Simpson or Demi Lovato sing, you know exactly what I’m talking about it – and if you don’t know what I’m talking about – listen to the first syllable of J Si singing “I tryyyyyyyyyyyy”on the kPod – and it wouldn’t have been so bad except that Kellie could not keep a straight face and every single time J Si would sing, Kellie would lose it – and once Kellie lost control – well, so did everyone else!  And it would have been okay if it had just happened once – but every time Kidd would play the clip of J Si singing “I tryyyyyyyyyyyy”, Kellie would laugh – to the point where she had to cover her mouth 0- and then Big Al started to laugh – and then Shanon was doubled over – and then the Geek Room got in on the action – poor J Si – we really weren’t trying to make fun of him – and he didn’t sounds bad – but that guttural moan – well, it was just more than we could take – I think J Si’s feelings may have been a little hurt – but fortunately, J Si is part of the “Fake Self Esteem Nation” and he thinks he’s great at everything – so great that he said he thinks it’ll only take him 3 years to win a Grammy – yeah, I think J Si’s fragile ego will be just fine


#5 – 50 Cent dumped Ciarra but Bow Wow has come in to pick up the pieces

#4 – Janet Jackson is not rescheduling her cancelled shows

#3 – Ellen DeGeneres is saddened about Prop 8 being passed

#2 – John Graciano’s family has banned Nick Hogan from visiting

#1 – Justin and Britney are performing with Madonna tonight in L.A.


Well, that’s not entirely true – I mean she’s still the Governor of Alaska – but many political analysts are saying that her career (at least at the national level ) is pretty much over – but that hasn’t stopped people from talking about her – the latest is that she greeted Republican handlers while in a towel at her hotel room – but I guess it was okay sine her husband was there!  And now Newsweek is saying that McCain’s advisors were mad about Sarah’s spending – she bought for herself and her family and then turned in the expenses to the Republican party – they’re also saying that she wanted to speak on Tuesday night but that McCain’s people said “Hell to tha’ NO Bobby B – HELL to tha’ NO!!!” – personally, I think she’ll be just fine – I definitely didn’t want her to be Vice President but I wouldn’ t have a problem drinking a couple of beers with her – but I do have another theory – I’m betting that the wedding between Bristol and her baby Daddy will suddenly be put on hold … permanently –


Kellie got a prison letter today with a $25 donation for Kidd’s Kids – Howard is serving a life sentence and while he didn’t say what he did, it has to be pretty bad because he said he expects to die in prison – but he seems to be trying to better himself in prison and has learned to read and write – he listens to the show and it seems that we’ve made an impact on him – so he sent $25 to Kelley to give to Kidd’s Kids – now, I’ve never been to prison, but I’m betting $25 is a lot of money in the prison commissary – aww – that makes my heart warm and fuzzy – prisoners can be good people too


In addition to being business partners in the Two Gay Guys In A Bucket Bar, Big Al and Redneck Steve are BFFs – and it’s a little known fact that they met because Al saw a girl he used to date out on a date with Steve – Al decided to interview the girl about why she liked Steve better than Al and the end result was that Al and Steve ended up together and the girl went MIA – anyway, Steve owns a trucking company called Gulf Coast Trucking Transport – and with the economy going the way it has and the recent high gas prices, things have been tight for Steve – but that didn’t stop Steve from volunteering one of his trucks to take all of our radio equipment to Orlando so that we can do the broadcast from the Kidd’s Kids trip – did I mention he’s doing all of this for free?  That’s what we call Good Looking Out – finally … some benefit to Big Al and Redneck Steve dating!


As is par for the course for Big Al, he met a girl at the Obama Election party and it was getting late – so Al conte

Girl took Al to his car and in the two blocks it took them to get to his car, he realized she was Drunkity Drunk Drunk – Al offered to take her home or get her a cab but she was still going to have to come back to get her car – so Al said he would take her back to his house (Bow Chicka Bow Bow) and then bring her back in the morning on his way to work – so Al takes her back to his house and puts her to bed (so he says) on his couch – since Al had to get up early to come in and work on the audio, he set his alarm for 3am and went to wake up OneNightStandica – but in her Drunkity Drunkenness, she was beyond passed out and he couldn’t wake her up – so Al moved the alarm clock into the living room and put it next to her head with a 7am wake up time and a note that said, “Dear, um girl whose name I don’t know – a cab is going to pick you up at 7am – don’t steal anything” or something like that – Al came to work and went on about his day like normal – so when he gets home, of course the girl is gone and since he knows nothing about her (like the fact that she may be a psycho killer or a grand larcenist), he starts to check and see if anything is missing – now here’s where the story gets sketchy – Al SWEARS that he suddenly realized that a t-shirt and pair of shorts of his are missing – never mind the fact that he doesn’t have any proof – he can’t describe the shirt and shorts – he doesn’t know exactly which ones they are – he actually can’t even be sure – he just “knows” – oh, did I mention that Al also swears that nothing happened between him and OneNightStandica?  – yeah Al, this is where we call you out – you bring home a drunk girl, she allegedly sleeps on your couch and nothing happens and you suddenly notice that something is missing and that’s based on nothing but a “feeling” – um, Al – I’m not sure if you know, but you have absolutely NO intuition whatsoever – if you need some proof, just look at your disastrous dating record – if you had any insight or instincts, would you be single right now?  Come on!!  We don’t believe you and neither do our listeners – one guy called to say that Al probably gave her the clothes to wear after their 3 am quickie – and that’s how he knew they were missing – then another guy said Al gave her the clothes to wear after he put her in the shower to sober her up for a 3am quickie – do our listeners know Big Al or what?  Well, there was one guy that gave Al the benefit of the doubt – he said that in light of Obama’s win he thinks Al is trying to make a change to – and that Al is innocent and actually didn’t do anything – LEAVE BIG AL ALONE!!   Now what fun would that be??

Cobra Starship is in studio tomorrow and we’re going to tell Gabe Saporta that he’s Kellie’s boyfriend – that is if Shanon doesn’t try to make out with him first – Kellie has threatened Shanon’s life if she gets anywhere near Gabe – and me, well I have 2 words for you … GIRL FIGHT!!!!!


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  1. OMG!! This was too funny!! I mean, bust out loud funny!! I miss alot of the show in the a.m. since I’m at work, so I always look forward to reading the remix….but today ya outdid ya’s self (if that’s a word). Big Al is about as crazy as they get & pobrecito J-Si, I feel your pain. Anyways, keep up the good work. besos!!

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