it’s our Sweet 16!!

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Kellie’s goal is not to gain a pound at Disney World

Big Al is eating fruit

Shanon says this may be one of the proudest days of Shanon’s life


Taylor Swift is considering becoming a surgeon

Kanye West will never be happy

Joe Jonas says he did not cheat on Taylor Swift

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are not getting married


Kellie will willingly admit that she is a little on the annoying fan side – but she can’t help it – she has a HUGE crush on Gabe – and it’s not just because he’s a rock star – the night that she met Gabe, she thought he was hot before she even knew who he was – and when he told her he was in a band, she still didn’t have a clue – she’d never heard of him – Kellie REALLY wanted Kidd to stop talking about the whole thing because I can tell that Kellie is getting to the point where she’s embarrassed about the whole thing – and while Kidd thinks he’s making it better by trying to tell her stuff that won’t make it seem so bad – I really think he’s making it worse by forcing her to relive it – I think Kellie really needs to just ride it out – but Kidd went on the sly and asked Gabe about Kellie and if he was really annoyed by her – and he said no!!  he even said that the first night that he met Kellie, he was really into her and wanted to hang out, but she was kind of seeing someone and didn’t feel comfortable about kicking it with Gabe – aw man, what’s are a stand up guy and girl to do??


J Si “Mr. I’m Great At Everything” is known around the office as the guy that thinks he can throw down with his rap skillz – and while he’s not bad, I wouldn’t call him the next Tupac – so when I found out that he would be performing the rap part of Cobra Starship’s “Kiss My Sass”, I was a little worried – after all, Travi from Gym Class Heroes is who does the rap on the original track and that is a lot to live up to – but J Si has been practicing for about 48 hours non-stop – and last night, in front of 2000 people at the House of Blues in Orlando, J Si KILLED IT!!  I was so proud listening this morning that I actually teared up – and I was even more proud seeing the video on – I know I give J Si a hard time – because truthfully, he’s like the annoying little brother you think is cute because he’s your brother but constantly want to punch in the face because he’s always in your stuff and in your business – but I still love him and I really wanted him to do well – and he did not let me down – J Si says he completely went blank right before he came out on stage – and maybe it was because of that half a glass of vodka he downed to take the edge off – but right when they handed him the mic, it all came back to him and he knocked it out of the park – even Gabe said he killed it – and so did the Chat Room – Lucy clapped for J Si, stood up and gave him an ovation – LikwidDavey said “He killed it!”and Sonia said “Travi who?”  Go to Kiddnation and watch the video – he was awesome!!


Jonathan and Austin from Forever The Sickest Kids stopped by to see the show – they’re on tour with Cobra Starship and while the tour bus went on to Atlanta – Jonathan and Austin stayed here so that they could be here for the Kidd’s Kids show this morning – although Jonathan and Austin did perform (“She’s A Lady”), that’s not why they stayed – Jonathan grew up listening to Kidd and knows all about Kidd’s Kids, so since he had a chance to be a part of it, they opted to skip the tour bus and take a later flight to Atlanta – how cool is that – and if you don’t know much about the band, the Sickest Kids aren’t really into the hard core-partying all night-raising hell band scene – last night at the concert, the guy that introduced them dropped an F-bomb and Jonathan was LESS than pleased – that’s not their image and he didn’t want that kind of association out there – so the band refused to go out until they were reintroduced properly!  And then this morning, in his hotel room, he found an apology letter from the guy!


Kidd asked Freddy to help him write this year’s Kidd’s Kids song – but in order to really write the song, Kidd thought he needed to see the trip and meet the kids – so Freddy came down to Orlando and met some of the kids – on the plane, Kidd told Freddy how one of the first questions that people ask is “what do they have” and it’s a question that the kids get all the time – one of the kids Freddy connected with first was 11 year old Marcos – Marcos has Cystic Fibrosis but doesn’t let it define him – he said that on a scale of 1-10, his CF is “like a 7 or 7 ½ – it’s not major but sometimes it definitely takes its toll on me” – how profound is that – from an 11 year old?  Marcos’ mom said is she had one wish, it would be for Marcos to be healthy – but Marcos’ current dream is to build a children’s hospital completely made of Legos – he said he would never wish he didn’t have CF because that’s him – how insightful for an 11 year old to know that so much of who he has become is because of his disease but still strong enough to not let it dominate his life – I haven’t even met him yet and already I love this kid!

So based on all of that – Freddy has already started writing – the song is going to be called “Nothing’s Broken Here” (which I think is a great title and here are the first lyrics:

What direction are they moving in?

Everyone wants to know

But they’ve ignored that question

Since a long, long time ago

They’ll never say that they’re unlucky

They just got a different deal

I know they’re hearts are made of heaven

And love can heal

What’s the cost of reality?

And how do they keep on trying

I used to think I was brave

But they’ve got more courage than a lion

On these streets of hope

The pain will disappear

Cause dreams are never broken

Nothing’s broken here


#5 – Kim Kardashian and Hugh Hefner’s ex Kendra will appear on the Speidy episode of “How I Met Your Mother”

#4 – Len Goodman of “Dancing with the Stars” was choking but Tom Bergeron performed the Heimlich and saved him

#3 – Rihanna canceled her Indonesia concert because of the threat of terrorist revenge attacks

#2 – Kanye thinks the MTV Music Awards are rigged

#1 – Joe Jonas is not happy about the way Taylor Swift is handling their break up in the media


I’ll just tell you right now, that there is no way I can possibly give this justice – you absolutely have to go to the kPod and listen – and get your Kleenex ready – cause you’re gonna need it!

Krista was a friend of the show before she was a Kidd’s Kid – somebody called the show and told us about this special little girl who was battling brain cancer and wanted a popcorn machine – we get a lot of requests when people are in need, especially children – and there is no way that we could possibly help everyone – but getting a popcorn machine for a little girl seemed so easy – then when we met Krista, we just fell in love with her – she was funny and beautiful and smart – and so matter of fact – you never heard her whine or complain, you just heard her beautiful spirit every time we talked to her – Krista became an official Kidd’s Kid last year when she went on the trip – and after battling cancer for 7 years, she lost her battle earlier this year – Janice’s family is amazing – not only did they come to the studio just a few weeks after Krista passed for Kidd’ Kids Day, they showed up yesterday for the send off – Janice (Krista’s mom) wanted to share how great the trip is for these kids – she said it’s a chance for the kids to just be normal kids and take the focus off of being sick and different from everyone else – on this trip, all the kids are the same – they’re just regular, normal kids!!  If you have some time, check out Krista’s website and read about her incredible journey – while you might think it’s all doom and gloom – it’s really not – Krista led an incredible life and she touched so many people that she came in contact with –

We miss you Krista – I hope you’re in Heaven having some popcorn for me!!



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