leave Britney ALONE!!!!!

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I just spent 30 minutes listening to Cappy, Sexy Jack, Andrew and Ben talk about their love for Chick Flicks – I mean REAL Chick Flicks – The Holiday, Love Actually, Knotting Hill, About A Boy (are you sensing a Hugh Grant theme here?) – no wonder I fit in so well here …


“It left a good feeling in my mouth today” – Big Al – except I think the actual phrase is “it left a bad taste in my mouth” – so pretty much a miss all the way around …


The guys starting singing the theme song to The Doctors – “Doctor Doctor, gimme the news” – but Kellie said that wasn’t the thing song – but she was wrong – cue the music please!


Kellie doesn’t “do” PayPal – um, but you’ll hand your credit card to the 17 year old pot head serving you cheese fries?


even though she’s getting the Britney CD free, Kellie is still going to download a couple of songs from iTunes because she wants to listen to them on her iPod – and she doesn’t know how to import a CD to iTunes – but I bet she would if Kidd would show her …


“There’s a CD player on my computer??” Kellie asked when Kidd told her she could import a CD to iTunes – oh my side …


Kellie thinks she’s over her funk

Big Al paid $300 for a white powdery drug

J Si had the most shocking moment ever and he shared it with Kinsey

Shanon and Kidd had an email exchange that ended with Shanon telling Kidd to sleep well


Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis backed into Pink’s BMW

Paris Hilton can’t find a label to release her CD

Chris Brown may be stepping out on Rihanna

Jennifer Hudson’s brother-in-law has been arrested for the murders of her family


After Kidd deemed Kellie a bad Britney fan for not buying the new CD when it came out last night, we asked for calls from anyone who bought the CD last night – we then talked to Spasney who was at Walmart trying to buy the CD – but instead of talking to her about the CD, we spent more time talking to her about why her mother named her after a street in Austin – yes, wherever your mind is going is the same place the show’s went


after much deliberation, anticipation and almost 50% of the vote, the people have chosen the woman that they felt most deserving of the Bringing Sexy Back makeover – but before we announced to Sommer that she was the winner – we secretly brought in her BFF Randi (who nominated Sommer for Sexy Back) from San Diego to surprise her – a few years ago, Sommer lost 150 pounds through gastric bypass surgery – she decided to move to San Diego in an effort to get a fresh start and met Randi – they became really good friends and Randi witnessed firsthand the issues Sommer has had with the extra skin from her weight loss – so we start off talking to Randi who has no idea that Sommer has been selected – she thinks that we’ve brought in all the finalists – so after talking to her, we hide her and bring in Sommer who also still believes she’s just a finalist – we talk to her a little bit about what she’s had to go through and then blindfold her under the guise of revealing Photoshopped pictures of what she’ll look like if she has the surgery – but when she takes the blindfold off, instead of seeing the pictures – she sees her BFF standing in front of her and hears the announcement that she’s been selected to go to LA to have plastic surgery on The Doctors – can you say tears!!  Sommer’s parents were here to witness the whole thing and you can just imagine the tears from her mom – her mom told me that she’d even arranged to work for Sommer in case she was selected so that she’ll have her job when she gets back – how cool is that?  All of the girls were deserving but I’m really excited for Sommer – you could tell that she and Randi are super close and this surgery will completely change her life – I can’t wait until the big reveal and I’m looking forward to following her journey


When we left off yesterday, Dr. Booty had called Kellie and asked her to meet him for a drink – we pick up today with Kellie in the bar of the trendy new concept restaurant downtown – Kellie spotted Dr. Booty in the bar but before she could get to him, she was distracted by the cocktail waitress who became exasperated with Kellie after an in depth discussion about the most economical cocktail options – typical Kellie – while Kellie contemplated her choice in alcohol treats and complimentary bar snacks, Kellie spotted another hottie headed to Dr. Booty’s table – he was about 15 years younger than Dr. Booty (and in Kellie’s prime age range) – so who is this guy and what does he want with Dr. Booty?  Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow


Just because Dr. Booty has been holding on to a secret for 300 years doesn’t mean he’s 300 – he could be 600 …


Kidd doesn’t really have an answer for the “inspiration” of the title of the book – meaning he’s still trying to decide on a something other than a knock off of “Twilight”


There is nothing I love more than the Craigslist bit – why?  Because it’s 100%, absolutely and completely true!!

  • Used dentures his grandma only had for a month before she died – they cost a couple a thousand dollars but he’ll let them go for a couple of hundred – he’ll also whiten them and throw in the Fixodent and the toothbrush!
  • Troll Dolls – 10 of them for $20 – just ask if you want a picture – he doesn’t have one but you can ask …
  • A 2000 Single Wide 14×80 foot trailer for only $15,000 – it’s a 3 bedroom/2 bath – and they’re asking less than what they owe on it
  • A pirated (i.e. homemade) Dane Cook DVD that’s being sold for $5 – the guy needs to sell it before his wife actually makes him watch it
  • A singing bear rug – it sings and talks and looks so real that it terrifies everyone who walks into his trailer
  • Used doorknobs – do I really need to say anything else?
  • His loss is your Christmas gain – he’s selling every wedding gift they received because his wife found a new man on their destination wedding
  • A like new Civil War jigsaw puzzle by well known jigsaw artist Mort Kunstler – it’s a clash of Confederate and Union soldiers originally purchased at Gettysburg Visitor’s Center and only put together once!


#5 – Ben Stiller has confirmed a sequel to Zoolander and a 3rd Meet the Parents movie

#4 – Expect more emotion from the American Idol contestants

#3 – Madonna and A-Rod are looking for a place in New York

#2 – Heidi and Spencer are back from their honeymoon and are talking about their wedding – BLAH-BLAH-BLAH

#1 – Police have arrested Jennifer Hudson’s brother-in-law for the murder of her family


Britney has officially announced her tour which will kick off in March in New Orleans – and since we’re on in New Orleans, the show immediately decided that they’re going to the Crescent to kick off the show – now I ask you – I realize it’s Kidd’s show and he should probably go since the entire show is going – but don’t you think that he should also take the employee who loves Britney almost as much as Kellie?  ME!!  After all, Kidd spent most of today’s show bad-mouthing Britney – I think he should give up his ticket and give it to me instead!


Just as we were about to watch Britney on Good Morning America, Kidd went into his “Britney is trash-blah-blah-blah-Why do y’all like her- blah-blah-blah-She has no talent- blah-blah-blah” spiel – which of course sent Kellie into “I’ll defend Kellie to the ends of the earth” mode – Britney looked FANTASTIC and her performance was good – it wasn’t her strongest, but it looks like to me that she is still getting her confidence back – I really wish Kidd had watched the documentary because I think he would see her in a different light – but instead, Kidd just ragged on Kellie about her love for Britney – and how Britney is pathetic and says he doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t – I don’t know what it is, but Kidd doesn’t understand why women love Britney – but then Kidd crossed the line – at least for me – Kidd called Britney a bad mom and I think that set me off – I know some bad moms and just because she wasn’t in a position to take care of her kids doesn’t make Britney a bad mom – it’s not like she neglected them – it’s not like she beat them or left them home alone or starved them – she just wasn’t in a position to give them 100% and that’s sad – of course from there, Kidd went on and on about the bad choices that Britney’s made and how she’s “not particularly talented” and blah-blah-blah – and while I can see some of his points – I still love her – is Britney the best singer?  No – but neither is Janet Jackson or Rihanna or Madonna, for that matter – and has she made some bad decisions?  Yes.  But she is working hard to turn her life around – she is a great performer and I think the people that love her acknowledge that about her – I was in my 20s when Britney started and I loved her from the beginning – I thought she was sweet and cute and had a few catchy songs – when she came out with “Slave”, I thought she was sexy and hot and I wanted to be her (plus she was dating Justin and I definitely wanted to be her!!) – plus she was the kind of person I wanted to be friends with and hang out with – and by the time she started making bad decisions, I just felt bad for her and wanted her to turn it around because even though you don’t know her, you still kind of think about her as a friend – and when it all just went to hell, you wanted to hold her tight like a daughter and help her through the bad times – and now that she’s on her way back, you just want to cheer her on and see her kick butt and take names – it doesn’t have anything to do with her being pathetic – or whether or not she’s a great singer or whether or not she dances as well as Beyonce – we love her – and we want to see her do well – and we shouldn’t have to give you anything more than that!



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  1. I hate Britney! I have hated her from the first time I saw her on MTV. She is the worst singer on the planet! I do not get why anyone likes her! I wish she would just retire and get out of the spotlight for the rest of her life. She is a horrible person. She should have been put away for good!

  2. If Britney was just another lady in the carpool lane next to you, I promise you would not feel the same way about her. She did but her child in danger, multiple times and does not deserve this “fan fare” she seems to be getting.

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