I’m sorry – I seem to have dropped my panties

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“I’m not happy for anybody going unless I’m going” – Kellie talking about a listener winning a trip to see Britney – instead of her


“I just want to wear really tight leather pants, I think it’d be a good laugh” – Sexy Jack – Kidd wants to wear tight leather pants too but I think you have to be British … or a Jonas Brother … to pull it off


“I only tolerate the fans, I don’t actually embrace them” – Kidd


I think her exact words were “I HATE YOU, KIDD KRADDICK AND I HATE THE SHOW” – um, can someone check to see if we can force her to take her medication?


“Why is it that you come in here, like once a month, bragging about taking a shower” – Kidd to Shanon


Kellie is getting back out there and taking J Si and Paul as her wingmen

Big Al says black chicks just don’t like him … um, duh.

J Si celebrated the Chargers win at a bar with a drunk guy and a deaf guy

Shanon says that writing hateful letters to the mom of rock stars works


United States of Whatever – Lyam Lynch

99 Red Balloons – Nena

Yeah- Usher

Bombs over Baghdad – Outkast

Whatta Man – Salt n Pepa

How Bizarre – OMC

Got Money – Lil Wayne

Super Girl – Christina Aguilera

Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot


Britney’s ex is back in jail

Nicole Richie is happy that Paris and Benji broke up

Nicole Scherzinger stormed off the stage at Viper Room after one song


When we left off yesterday, Kellie had just spotted Dr. Booty in the bathroom hallway while taking a call from her BFF Heaven when we picked up today, Kellie was recounting her evening with Dr. Ivan – someone must have given him a “How to Seduce Kellie Rasberry” manual because Ivan whipped out all her favorites – apple martinis, stories about his time in South Carolina, an iPod filled with the Backstreet Boys and his love for Britney Spears – Ivan sounds like he’s the perfect man for Kellie – except he has a secret – a secret he shares with Dr. Booty …


For some reason, Al thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask listeners to call with their opinions – and while I think the book has been great so far (except for yesterday when there was no Kellie voice), I think some people need a few more chapters to get the full effect – even still, most of the callers were pretty positive – Frank was so impressed with the book that he called Kidd a revolutionist and Rae, the English teacher, loved it – then we got to Nancy – Nancy claims to be a long time listener of the show, but would much rather hear music during her 30 minute commute than hear the show talk – um, Nancy – we’re a morning TALK radio show – I mean, yeah, we play some music – but we also do a lot of talking – have you not noticed that in the “years” that you’ve been listening?  the Chat Room was NOT happy about Nancy’s opinion – Valleyranchcharacter said “we don’t want more music … more talk … is only 4 hours a day as it is” and JunethruSept said she “had to log in to chat just to talk about how stupid she is” – see, don’t piss off the hardcore fans – they’re not having it – then there was Tina – she didn’t like the book either but she lost all credibility when she couldn’t name 3 authors after claiming to read “all the time” – then when she finally named an author, it was Dan Kunce – um, did you mean Dean Kuntz?


Ty Pennington called into the show and he was totally in promotion mode – don’t get me wrong – it was a good interview and Ty is actually pretty funny – he told us that in his downtime he’s a kid wrestler and that 5-8 year olds are his specialty – that’s funny, right?  He’s also doing a behind the scenes show that will air on Sunday before Extreme Home Makeover – we’ll get to see what really happens when they do the show – and unlike Big Al, Ty’s never hooked up with a single mom from the show


Heather’s ex-boyfriend is having a Christmas party and he’s invited Heather under the guise that they’re “still friends” – so she wants to bring Jack to get back at her ex for dumping her – but the idea behind the bit is for an office party – so Crystal seems like a better candidate – she is the receptionist at her office and this is her first Christmas party even though she’s worked there for 2 years – the idea is to make Jack pretend to be a British rock star, which I think is a great idea – since he’s a British rock star, no one will really know who he is and there are so many places to go with it – he can be the obnoxious rock dude or he can be the party rock dude with wild stories – the possibilities are endless – I was skeptical at first, but I think this bit may actually be going somewhere


#5 – America’s Next Top Model has a new line of clothes at Walmart

#4 – Giselle Bundchen is getting ready to marry Tom Brady

#3 – Nicole Scherzinger stormed off stage at the Viper Room and a fight broke out

#2 – Oprah is moving her show to D.C. the week of the inauguration

#1 – Spencer and Heidi aren’t spending the holidays with her mom


Much to Kellie’s dismay, there still hasn’t been any definitive decision as to whether the show will be going to New Orleans for the kick off of Britney’s tour – Kidd has NO desire to go and Kellie would sell her right arm to go – be prepared to hear this one go to battle every day until the answer becomes yes – I have a feeling Kellie is not going to let go of this one – anyway, the real issues is that even though we may not be going to the show, we gave away a trip for someone to go see the show in New Orleans – all they had to do was answer 4 questions about Britney and we had some trouble finding someone who knew all the answers – and then the radio gods smiled on us – 19 year old Katherine called in and from the very first question, you could tell she was all in …

When did Britney meet K-Fed – 2004 – check

Where island did Britney go to rehab for? Antigua – check

What’s the name of her agent that she recently rehired? Larry Rudolph – check – just one more answer …

Britney fired her bodyguard for not picking up this item – her hat – CHECK!!!!

And let the screaming begin … as it turns out, Katherine is a HUGE Britney fan – her first concert was when she saw Britney open for ‘N Sync when Katherine was in the 3rd grade – her family is from New Orleans and they haven’t been back since Katrina – she was so excited about the trip that within minutes, she was in tears – and then so was i!  when Kidd asked her who she was taking to the concert, Katherine said she wasn’t sure – but it would be one of her parents – and that of course sent Kidd into softy mode – why should she have to choose?  After all – New Orleans is her dad’s hometown and he probably loves Britney too, right?  So as Kidd often does – he said “screw the original plan – this is my show and I can do what I want” and offered to get another plane and concert ticket so that her dad could go too – um, did anyone bother to run this by Josh?  If you were watching the webcam, you could see Shanon’s head about to explode – see, Shanon doesn’t have a lot of extra sympathy and the little that she does have, she usually saves for small children – and being the practical (and uncaring) producer that she is, Shanon pointed out that Katherine is 19 years old and doesn’t even have to take a parent – she could just take a friend – but Katherine said that she really wanted to take her parents and Josh said we’d come up with an extra ticket (thank you Southwest Airlines!) and Haven called to say she would provide an extra Britney ticket (thank you Texas Tickets!) – and all was right with the world – except for Shanon who was still mad that Katherine will be spending quality time with her parents at the Britney concert


Phone Screener Jenna came into the studio with what she deemed a “girl problem” – but was it really a problem? I think not – Jenna was hanging out with some friends at a bar the other night when she saw a “less than attractive” (her words, not mine) wearing the same shirt that she has – that’s right – that she has – not that Jenna was actually wearing – that she has – and i guess this started some whole inner dialogue about whether or not Jenna should keep the shirt or whether she would now be considered an ugly girl because she had the same shirt as the ugly girl – and should she confront the girl – why?  I have no idea – because they have the same shirt – huh?  So am I correct to assume that Jenna is either too good for the shirt or that the ugly girl is not worthy of the shirt – okaaaaaay …


So we’ve added more t-shirts to the KKITM t-shirt line – Big Al’s “Random Man” shirt is out now – and you can now get the Kidd Kraddick “cause I’m awesome” shirt – and after a long wait filled with anticipation, Shanon now has her own shirt – and you can get it in blue or green – now it doesn’t actually say anything on it – and we’re not selling it on the Internets, just on the side of the road – but we’re not telling you which road – and even though it costs $250, we don’t actually have it in stock – yeah, there’s pretty much no love for Shanon – although J Si did offer up some puffy paint so that she could make her own shirt – I keep telling you people (that’s right, YOU people) to watch out – they don’t call that girl Psycho Shanon for nothing


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  1. Your post title attracted me to your article! Where’s the panty at???

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