Only the naughty girls party down by the river

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“Where is she doing this interview from??? the airport restroom??”- Ross commenting on the Kate Hudson interview


Kidd started by telling about an awkward moment when he was a baby DJ and introduced Kenny Loggins at a concert – Then Kellie brought up David Cassidy leaving his underwear at Kidd’s house and the time that Marie Osmond tried to hit on Kidd – all I can say is … You’ve come a LONG way, baby!!!


“When I’m reading in silent, I’m awesome” – J Si


Kellie is wearing real clothes for the first time in 2 weeks

Big Al’s hit on a woman at the grocery store using the line – “hey, nice legs”

J Si says that Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Hero is his hero

Shanon has been working out so hard, she can barely walk

Sexy Jack got a birthday massage from a big man


Paula Abdul may be getting her own talk show

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had a baby girl

Britney Spears’ tour is off to a rough start

Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend is a deadbeat


If your mother refuses to come to your wedding because your dad is walking you down the aisle, tell her you’ll miss her

If you’re uncomfortable when your guy BFF tells you he loves you, he’s probably doing it on purpose

If you like your best friend’s boyfriend, you’re human

If you’re the other woman, it’s not your place to tell the wife that her husband has been cheating with you

If you husband doesn’t love you anymore, maybe he doesn’t find you interesting anymore (now that you’ve stopped stripping and are no longer listening to the voices in your head)


There’s no way that I can effectively describe the madness that went on during the recording of yesterday’s liners – we could probably get a Behind the Mic almost every day but for some reason, Al could just not get it together – you would think that after 10+ years of reading allowed on air (and getting paid very well for it, I might add!), Al would have learned to read – but not so much- so we present to you Behind the Mic starring Big Al Mack – definitely check out the kPod


Big Al left for Playa right after our last show of the year and never had a chance to see everyone open their gifts – so that’s what prompted this inappropriate question from Big Al, “Shanon – I just wanted to check and see – I didn’t have a chance to ask – did you like your panties?” – HUH???  That’s right – for some reason, Al thought bedazzled Juicy boy short panties would be an appropriate Christmas present for his female coworker – I guess Al had a whole “intimate clothing” theme going on because he gave the guys in the Geek Room boxer shorts and gave Kellie a bra from Victoria Secret – and what did Al give me?  I was wondering the same thing – see, about 10 minutes before the show ended that day, Al came to me and asked if it was okay with me if he gave my gift to another co-worker that he forgot to buy a gift for – never mind that it was her last day and she probably wouldn’t care if he gave her a gift or not – and I won’t even mention how personal a gift it must have been if he was able to re-gift it so easily – and should I even bother with the fact that Al has told me several times that he would bring my wedding gift to me – um, I’ve been married for almost 3 years now – how does that drop go?  “hmmm – not good”


We love Kate Hudson – she is so sweet and she’s always a great interview – except she talks – a lot – so much that Kidd wasn’t really able to ask her a lot of questions – there was a lot of talk about weddings since she’s promoting her new movie “Bride Wars” (which she produced) – she did say that How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and Raising Helen are the 2 movies that fans talk to her about the most and that in her mind, the band in the movie Almost Famous was about the  Allman Brothers with a touch of The Who thrown in – the funniest thing she said“I’m into talking about underwear”


I LOVE Mad Moms In Mini Vans – I don’t know why – maybe it’s the music – maybe it’s cause the kids are super cute – maybe it’s because I’ve been waiting basically my whole life to be a mom and take my kids to school – whatever it is, I love it – if you’re a new listener, Mad Moms is a bit that we did a while back and now we’re bringing it back – basically, moms that are taking their kids to school call in and call out the kids’ names and then they yell and answer a trivia question – today’s question … What are the Top 5 Christmas presents for teenagers?  We got Cell phone, Wii, iPod and $$$$$ – I’m a grown up and I’ll take any of those things!


J Si went to the Celine Dion concert to try and see if he could get someone to give him a ticket for the show – as you can guess, he was unsuccessful – but the part that was successful was the outfit he wore while standing outside in 30 degree weather …


#5 – Lily Allen is threatening to post Katy Perry’s phone number on Facebook

#4 – A private memorial service is planned for Jett Travolta in Florida

#3 – Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had a baby girl

#2 – Rumors are going around that Chris Brown and Rihanna are engaged … again

#1 – Britney Spears and Wade Robson fell out and now she has a new choreographer


If you remember the Fantasy Fan Contest, you probably remember Kidd’s Fantasy Fan, Ross – Ross is one of the show’s biggest fans and you can usually find him in the Chat Room or on Kiddnation – when Ross was here, he shared his story about his struggle with weight and his decision to have lap band surgery – and finally, after a lot of planning (and insurance madness) he had the surgery on December 29th – when he was here, Ross weighed in at 506 pounds – after the show, he was able to lose another 32 pounds on his own and weighed 474 pounds on the day of the surgery – since then he’s been on a clear liquid diet and has lost another 4 pounds – the whole weight loss journey has been a long one for Ross – in the past, he used food to comfort his loneliness – and a lot of his loneliness stemmed from his obesity – but after reading Ross’ blogs, I can tell that he is emotionally ready to take on this challenge – and just to throw Ross some support, Kidd decided to give him a little extra incentive – Kidd is currently weighing in at a whopping 151 pounds – and once Ross loses Kidd (151 pounds), he’s going to bring him back to town to visit the show and hang out for the weekend – hurry up Ross – we miss you around here!


Is there anything more disturbing while you’re recovering from a tummy tuck/boob job than getting a phone call from your BFF that starts off with “Kellie, it’s really alright – I’m bringing Emma Kelly home – we had a little incident and my dog bit her in the face” – Kellie’s BFF Haven aka “Auntie Crazy” volunteered to entertain Emma Kelly for a couple of hours while Kellie slept off the pain killers the day she came home from her plastic surgery – Auntie Crazy and Emma Kelly made a quick stop by Auntie Crazy’s house so that Emma Kelly could potty/get her diaper changed – Auntie Crazy left Emma Kelly on the potty and ran to grab a diaper – she was only gone for a couple of seconds, but you know how slick kids can be – in those few seconds, Emma Kelly had made her way into Auntie Crazy’s bedroom where her husband was sleeping with Maddie, their Border Collie mix that they rescued from the pound – now, Maddie is 17 years old and pretty much over people – she’s content to just hang out and doesn’t really want to be bothered – but Emma Kelly, who loves dogs, doesn’t really get that – and she got a little too close to Maddie who may have, possibly, bitten Emma Kelly on the face – it happened so quickly and no one actually saw it happen so there’s no way to know exactly what happened – but by that point, Kellie just wanted to see her child so Auntie Crazy brought her home – and Emma Kelly was fine  until she saw her mom – and then came the water works – Kellie said she had one small gash and another scratch and they really couldn’t tell if it came from a bite or a paw swipe or what – so Kelley (who has her plastic surgeon on speed dial) called him up and the minute she started talking, Kellie burst into tears – but luckily, he only lives 2 miles away and immediately headed over to check Emma Kelly out – now, before you think this is an overreaction on Kellie’s part – anytime you have some sort of trauma to the face, you should always consult a plastic surgeon because they are trained to patch people up without leaving scars – but fortunately, Emma Kelly didn’t need any stitches and after some Neosporin and Mederma, she’ll be as perfect as she was before the bite – and while Auntie Crazy has been filled with remorse and regret, there are people telling Kellie that she needs to sue Auntie Crazy – what?  there’s not even any damage and all Emma Kelly can talk about is wanting to see Maddie – and people wonder why we’re thought of as a litigious society!!


From Kidd to Facebook – quit poking me!!  GET OVER IT!!!!

From Kellie to Big Al – give up your rights as a liner reader and GET OVER IT!!!!

From Al – to my friends that send the mass holiday text message – GET OVER IT!!!!

From J Si to Kinsey and Kelly Jo – it’s fine if my nail clippings get in your socks – GET OVER IT!!!!

From Sexy Jack to the guys at the gym – yes, I wear short shorts – GET OVER IT!!!!

I’m only 25, got a promotion and have my own office – GET OVER IT!!!!

To Ann Coulter – get a boyfriend and GET OVER IT!!!!

To my ex – I’m with someone else that makes me happier – GET OVER IT!!!!

I’m a mom, a model, use power tools for a living and I’m straight – GET OVER IT!!!!

Big Al has been like this for 13 years – y’all know he can’t read – GET OVER IT!!!!

To my husband, you don’t own an actual team or any actual players – it’s FANTASY football – GET OVER IT!!!!

To my Mother-In-Law – I will never be a size 0 – GET OVER IT!!!!

I’ve already broken 3 New Year’s Resolutions – GET OVER IT!!!!

To my fiancée, I’m sorry I put you in a dutch oven – GET OVER IT!!!!

To my mom – I’m 19 and you’re not in charge of my life – GET OVER IT!!!!

We only “googled” twice – GET OVER IT!!!!

To my mom – my bad grades make me unique – GET OVER IT!!!!


Kidd made the announcement that we’re opening a club and I am pumped – it doesn’t have a name yet – and he didn’t really give a lot of details other than it’s going to be “out back” and we’re installing a door that will lead straight from the studio to the club – no word on what the hours will be or how old you’ll have to be to get in, but i’m assuming there’ll be alcohol treats – I should probably go ahead and put some club clothes in my car so I can be ready to go at any time – and I’ve already told Kidd that i’m calling speaker – back in the day, I spent a lot of time in clubs and I spent even more time dancing on speakers – so if KKITM is opening a club, you can be damn sure I’m getting my own speaker!!


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