“I say ‘pad’ all the time – at least I thought I did”

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J Si walked up to Kidd and said “Hey Kidd, I wanna see your new keyboard – okay if I come over to your pad?”

Kidd replied, “Sounds great, Beatnik Sixties Man”

PAD??  Who says ‘pad’?  did we suddenly time warp back to 1962?


Kellie has always been a little competitive when it comes to other people on the show – and even though Kidd is the one who got her into Twitter, she’s really the only person from the show who has been Twittering regularly – and yesterday morning, Kellie was outpacing Kidd by about 150 followers – but all it took was for Kidd to talk about Twitter on air – she really hates to be wrong because she had more people following her on Twitter – until yesterday when Kidd talked about Twitter – and now he’s kicking her but – first MySpace, now this!


Kellie is going to get a babysitter if Big Al is really wearing his homemade pajamas to the party tonight

Big Al says he may have overspoke the true facts yesterday in saying that he can sew

J Si is mad because the fake J Si has more followers on Twitter than he does

Shanon is putting 10-1 odds that Al will have to go out naked tonight


H to the Izzo – Jay Z

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Nightmare – Kanye West

Shut Up And Let Me Go – Ting Tings

Informer – Snow

Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Humpty Dance – Digital Underground

I Wish – Skee Lo

Hey Britney – Forever the Sickest Kids

Check Yes Juliet – We The Kings

Gulty Pleasure – Cobra Starship


K-Fed is headed for Dancing with the Stars

Mariah Carey threw a temper tantrum at the Inauguration

Paris Hilton is looking for a BFF … again

It’s the end for The Hills


As is becoming par for the course, we started ‘Zine Scene and then quickly got derailed – the topic was going to be “If Your Workplace Is Making You Fat”, but then Jenna mentioned that she went to Pizza Thursday with the boys yesterday and that pretty much brought the show to a screaming halt – see, Jenna has only been with a show about 15 minutes – and Kellie, well she’s been here almost 15 years – and the boys have never, ever, ever asked her to go to Pizza Thursday – mmmm – not good.  see, if you want to keep your job around here your best bet is NOT to piss off Kellie – and if it wasn’t enough that Kellie was mad, she was also hurt – she really had her feelings hurt – but did anyone step up to apologize – of course not – they just all jumped in with the excuses – “it wasn’t me”, “it wasn’t really an invitation”, “we go for pizza every Thursday”, “you’re welcome to come anytime Kellie” – but you knew that wasn’t going to fly – it wasn’t the fact that they go for pizza every Thursday, it’s that they invited Jenna – who is not part of their normal pizza club clique – we were just about to lose Kellie for the rest of the show, but Kidd jumped in with quick thinking and saved the day with a recreation of what Pizza Thursday would be like with Kellie tagging along – imagine all the guys hanging out talking about the NFL Draft and all you have is Kellie throwing out random comments like, “How much is the pizza?” and, “No, I mean how much is it – EXACTLY?” – “J Si, I need some more Diet Pepsi – what do you mean they don’t have Diet Pepsi?  Who doesn’t have Diet Pepsi?” – “J Si, go give that Mexican busboy my number”, “what do you mean he’s married?  I think that ring is just for show” – by the end, even Kellie was laughing and had to admit that there was some truth to Kidd’s script – and then there was peace on earth again


If Your Workplace Is Making You Fat – yeah, it’s pretty unavoidable if you work here because there is ALWAYS food here – I weighed 123 pounds when I started working here – now, not so much!!  Anyway – all the standard tricks apply – bring your own lunch, stay away from the vending machines, drink water and not cokes – and if you have access to a shower, work out at lunch instead of eating – just make sure you don’t come back to the office all funk nasty!

The next topic was Awkward Office Bahavior – instead of giving you the rundown, you can just look at the pictures here – but I will say that Austin really needs to shave, Al secretly loves the Bahama Mama costume and Andrew – well, what can you say?  He looks like that in every single picture I’ve ever seen him take with a girl!


It was the last day for the Bahama Mama – and I have to say that I am really going to miss her – even after 5 days, it still brings a smile to my face – especially when Gertrude said  “gotta get back to me mendin'” – which is NOT the phrase, by the way  – and because it was Friday, the Bahama Mama had a new hairstyle courtesy of Shanon



A week or so ago, there was a girls basketball game between 2 schools in Dallas – one of them, Covenant School, is a Christian School – the other, Dallas Academy, is a school that specializes in teaching kids with learning disabilities – Dallas Academy only has 9 girls on their team and in the last 4 seasons, they haven’t won a single game – but that didn’t stop Covenant School from coming in and whooping up on D.A., 100-0 – now, I’ve  played sports (sort of) and was a cheerleader for a long time – and I would never expect a team to “go easy” on another team – but when the other team hasn’t even scored, is it really necessary to keep in all of your starters playing full court press and shooting every 3 pointer you can?  I mean there is such a thing as good sportsmanship – especially when you’re a Christian school – the Covenant School is now requesting forfeiture which I think is a nice gesture but the damage is already done – that coach has already taught the lesson that winning is the only thing that matters – and that you should apologize only after you’re called on your behavior

And then there’s the other side of the story – a story so sweet and genuine that Kidd almost couldn’t get through it and it certainly had me in tears – the Gainesville State School is a maximum-security correctional facility for teenage boys – they have a football team but it’s comprised of 14 kids who have earned their way on to the team through good behavior and good grades – these are the kids who are trying to turn their life around – but I would imagine in a maximum-security, you don’t get a lot of breaks – they don’t have fans, or a band or cheerleaders – and no parents that come to support their kids – but they did the night they played Grapevine Faith Christian School – before the game, the Faith coach emailed his team’s parents and asked if they would form a spirit line for the other team – not only that, he asked if some of them would sit on the Gainesville side and cheer for them- some of Faith’s cheerleaders cheered on their side – I would venture to say for a lot of those kids, it was the first time in a long time, maybe ever, that someone showed them unconditional love and support – the Faith coach said his goal was to send a message that the Gainesville kids were as valuable as anyone else on the earth – and I would say it worked – check out Kidd’s blog to read the story that Kidd read on air – and make sure you have your kleenex ready – you’ll need it!


5.  Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak

4.  Soundtrack – Notorious

3.  Nickelback – Dark Horse

2.  Beyonce – I Am … Sasha Fierce

1.  Taylor Swift – Fearless


#5 – Kellie Osborne is in rehab … again – 3rd times a charm right

#4 – Katy Perry says her vow of celibacy was just a joke – what – instead she’s gonna sleep with everything that walks?

#3 – Angelina Jolie is trying to block her ex-bodyguard’s tell all book – um, confidentiality agreement anyone?  I bet someone got fired over that!

#2 – Dakota Fanning is in talks to appear in the Twilight sequel – yeah, I liked Dakota better when she was 7

#1 – Mariah Carey threw a tantrum at the Inauguration because she didn’t get to sit on stage with Obama – someone please tell Mariah that her last name is Carey/Cannon, not Obama


Jesse is going on tour to promote his album, Departure, and is playing small venues like House of Blues

Ludacris is on his new single and says Luda is super laid back and humble

Jesse is nominated for a Grammy for writing Bleeding Love for Leona Lewis

He also wrote songs for Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Toni Braxton’s new album (which will be out in April)

Leavin’ started out as a more R&B styled song until Jesse tailored it to bridge his old sound with his new sound

He had never been on a G5 before the song but has been on one now

FYI, according to Kidd, “a G5 is the baddest of the bad private jets from Gulfstream”


And so it began – if you missed the show yesterday – while talking about the Slanket/Snuggie, Big Al threw out the line “I can sew” when Kidd said he didn’t know anyone who knew how to sew – and since Big Al was going to a pajama Party this weekend – and since I happened to have a brand new sewing machine, we decided to make Big Al put his money where his mouth is – so a lug in the sewing machine and Big Al brought his own (childlike and feminine print) fabric and the challenge begin – now, I will say that I got the machine started for Al – because I certainly didn’t want him to break it – but he took his own measurements (with a hardware type measuring tape) and drew his own pattern – he cut his own fabric and then sat down and started to sew – and shockingly enough, he did it – Big Al met a KKITM challenge – there was no “Al, come on back” like you hear during a failed street bit – there was no mumbling of “not good” from Al as he rated his own performance – in fact – I think this may just have been the confidence booster that Al needed to start really bringing some quality bits to the show – the pajamas weren’t the best I’ve ever seen – and I did have to help him out a little when the thread got snagged in the machine – but other than that, he did it all on his own – he even added elastic to the waistband – sure the fabric is a little thin and possible transparent – and like Al said, “I won’t be able to drop it like it’s hot at the party – or sit like it’s hot” – but he did it – Big Al completed a task and no one can take that away from him – unless of course he backs out on wearing the PJs to the party tonight – of course, if he has any sense at all – he’ll totally use this to his advantage and maybe some poor unsuspecting (non-KKITM listening) woman will take pity on Al and throw him a bone – or at least a date!  Click on the picture and you can see how the whole story unfolded!



The Oscar nominations are out and Kidd wrote a script of the Oscars that was essentially his way of making predictions of who is going to win – but honestly, I lost interest after the first clapping track – I love you Kidd – I really do – but this bit was Slow Motion Laaaaaaaaammmmmmme


This guy was in his 20s but hais clearly a heavy drinker and smoker because he sounded like he was 60 – and a little on the redneck side – maybe I’m judging him too harshly – maybe it was the .23 alcohol level – YIKES!  Isn’t that close to death?  But it does make for good entertainment – I mean he made up his own Drunk News theme song – and then he kissed Big Al – so the night wasn’t a total loss, right?


Kidd and Kellie’s episode of The Doctor’s with Sommer airs today – but don’t worry if you missed it – we’ll tell you all about it on Monday!!


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